Friday, September 26, 2014

What inclusion means -----Event ‘Run for Inclusion’ to be held on Nov 23

What inclusion means -----
#Inclusion is STANDING like a solid support while I am walking wobbly,
LISTENING carefully, when my speech is incoherent
WAITING in line, till a 
#wheelchair makes its way
TALKING slowly when your audience is challenged for hearing
BUILDING #faith and #trust in minds of challenged that, we care for you!
BELIEVING that we can include everyone and there is so much in diversity that needs to be included
#CARING by just imagining ourselves in shoes of challenged
BEING A #HUMAN BEING... giving equal opportunities and patience to everyone who has a vulnerability or a challenge. Either visible or hidden, everyone goes through some challenge or the other, then by including them, we are including ourselves In the #universalenergy and spirit of #progress!(according to Sai Padma-Eminent social activist and survivor of Polio Mellitus ) 
Event ‘Run for Inclusion’ to be held on Nov 23

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