Monday, May 25, 2020

Green vine Snake Sighted in Bolangir forest ;Sudhir Mishra Bolangir

Sudhir Mishra Bolangir ;
Bolangir ; Much to the surprise and delight of animal lovers here ,the detection/ sighting of Green vine Snake in Bolangir forest on Sunday.on a forest walk on Sunday 

Five Nature lovers  including Journalist Sudhir Mishra, Sushant Dash,(,devlopment sector) Arindam Parischha,Subhranshu Mishra,wildlife enthusiast ,and Sonu ,Photographer,  undertook a forest walk onSunday morning  in the forest near Bolangir town and sighted the Green vine snake,besides the pug mark of  fishing cat, wild boar,Mongoose.  

The Green vine snake is slightly venomous snake and highly camouflage and it lives in tree.It mainly prey on lizard and insects and lives in.tree and has the same colour of green leaves.says Arindam Parischha,

a Lecture on Zoology here.Ten years ago this snake was sighted. Todays sighting is a good sign of Biodiversity of this forest ,Parischha says further. 
However much to the surprise,the number of birds namely  Flycatcher,Indian Pitta and others were found in less number. Last year we had noticed around 100 pairs of Indian paradise  flycatcher bird.However this year we have observed only a few.

We believed this has happened due to the unwanted human activity like picnic 
in that area last year which polluted the area with liquor bottles, plastic and others,says Parischha further.

The team also spotted a Sikhada which is an insects comes out in the night just before the monsoon and climb to nearest trees and produce a sound.After climbing at he tree from earth, it starts its further life says Subhranshu ,a wildlife lover

Every year a large number of biodiversity is lost in forest fire and steps should be prevent it to check further loss of biodiversity of this area,says SushantDash.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

PaschimOdisha ParibarMumbai distributes sambalpuri Mask and promotes Handwashing among women in West Odisha

Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir:
12th May 2020..
PaschimOdisha ParibarMumbai distributes Sambalpuri Mask and promotes Handwashing among women in West Odisha to fight COVID19
Bolangir; With a view to give a boost to local sambalpuri weavers and to combat COVID 19, effectively, the Paschim Odisha Paribar Mumbai,decided to distribute Sambalpuri mask to people,especially women  in Western Odisha,besides .promoting hand washing among them. 

 We collected clothes directly from the weavers and got them stitched by rural women and person with disabilities ( or physically challenged people). This provided the local weavers much needed boost in the lock down period,besides other involved in preparation of mask.We started the distribution of Sambalpuri Mask from 9th April in Barpali, Bargarh and so far we have distributed more than 15000 sambalpuri mask in Bolangir, Kalahandi, Nuapada, Sambalpur and in Sundargarh says Pratyush Panda of Paschim Odisha Paribar Mumbai.

Besides this,we have also extended helps to stranded migrants labourers of Odisha in mumbai by providing them grocery and financial help to the needy people,saysSri Pratyush panda further.