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New aspirant for BJP Bolangir MPseat comes to fore;By Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir

21th November 2018
Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir
New aspirant for BJP Bolangir MPseat comes up .
Bolangir;The serving of suspension  notice to Sananda Bag, the former town president of BJP Yuva MorchaBolangir  for anti party and party violating discipline along with other office bearers of Sonepur district BJP unit including its Secretary, Suresh Chandra Mishra and others ,on 15th November2018,has created ripples  BJP in Bolangir and Sonepur district.
These office bearers were present in the meeting at Binika in Sonepur district   to be addressed by BalramSingh Yadav. After this incident, it has brought Balram Singh Yadav to the focus of Bolangir BJP, much to surprise of many.
Balram Singh Yadav is the Chairman of Western Odisha Yadav Development Council which is working on the cause to unite Yadav and OBC in the western Odisha.Balram Singh Yadav came to limelight after he took up the case issue of Junagarh MLA DibyashankarMishra allegedly threatening physically challenged person in a meeting, and his agitation against him protesting it.

I have been working for the development of Yadav and trying to bring them near to Bharitya Janta Party. There is significant population of Yadav and OBC in the state of Odisha, including the western part of Odisha. So for the upliftment of YADAV, there should be representative from the community which would reduce their backwardness. In other State ,Yadav andOBC having less percentage of population are occupying important position and why not in Odisha,points out Balram Singh Yadav.
I like the ideology of Bharatiya Janta Party and It would be my endeavor to bring as many as people to Bhartiya Janta Party fold and strengthen party base and spread its message among the masses, Yadav says further.
  Although looked impressive and logical argument, just before the parliamentary election round the corner, the sudden appearance of a person projecting as “ striving for working for Yadav,OBC and BJP”,has created ripples in the BJP Bolangir district circle, which is dominated by Royal family of Patnagarh KV Singhdeo and Sangeeta Singhdeo, since last two decades
Political observer feels that the BJP in Odisha is trying hard to realize its goal of mission 120seats and if reports are believed,it is contemplating to replace the old guards who have lost election or failed to expand BJP prospect during their time .
The Bolangir Parliament seat has been won by BJD in 2009 and in 2014 and Kalikesh Singhdeo of BJD is the Member of Parliament from Bolangir .

The Bolangir Parliamentary constituency is spread over of Seven Assembly constituencies five assembly constituencies of Bolangir district and two Assembly constituencies in  Sonepur District.

Political observer points out that BJP base in Bolangir Parliamentary constituency has not expanded significantly in the last  the decade and from  only  Patnagarh Assembly segment it is  represented by KVSinghdeo of BJP.

And if sources are believed, BJP is eyeing for  Bolangir MP seat this time also and there is every possibility of  BJP might project a new face to capture the Bolangir  MP seat.

With this scenario background, the caseof Balaram singh Yadav ”seems bright” as a new candidate replacing the old  members of royal family. But the movement of Balram singh Yadav has obviously caused “flutter among theBJP members” in Bolangir .

Anyone can be a member of BJP by giving a miss call and one can work for party points a worker on condition of anonymity. But holding meeting throughout the Bolangir parliamentary constituency, on the purpose of uniting Yadav and OBC, leaves enough indication that, he is projecting himself as  the BJP candidate from Bolangir  Parliamentary  seat.

Without clearance from top “sources” of the BJP, how a person could dare and move throughout Bolangir parliamentary t constituency, first to unite Yadav and OBC and then BJP flag and poster, points out a local here seeing his movement and activities of BalramSingh Yadav.

As expected, his movement has created ripples in political circles. In social media, the supporters of BJP Bolangir dominated by KV and SangeetaSinghdeo and supporters   Balramsingh Yadav have circulated “the antecedents” of their leaders, in social media like Whats app and in Facebook.

And all this activities comes amidst report of Modi leadership and charisma is still in found favour  rural area notwithstanding the badly bungled steps of demonetization and Raffle scam and others.

After the good performance in last Zilla parishad election, BJP workers were in gung-ho spirit and unless that is revived and captured BJP could have hard time again of 2014.
However, as anything can happen in election and everything is possible nothing can be ruled out. This is the pre-hits run scenario for BJP Bolangir parliament seat.
Let us see how the race for final run for BJP Bolangir Parliament seat takes place and who is going to be the BJP candidate from Bolangir. KVsinghdeo or Sangeeta Singhdeo or BalramsinghYadav or anyone else ?Time will say.
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B’ngir migrant missing; father asks for help Monday, 15 October 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

B’ngir migrant missing; father asks for help
Monday, 15 October 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

Yet again, the plight of a migrant worker from Balangir district has come to the fore.
According to reports, Gangadhar Sahu (20)of Tengrapathar under the Larambha police station had migrated to Tamil Nadu along with Suresh Sahu, Ranjit Bariha, Daitari Sahu and others of that village in 2017 and one Santosh Behera, a contractor had taken them.
After staying for a few days at Chennai, they started working at an aluminum factory at Coimbatore. However, after the death of then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha, the company was closed and since then there is no trace of Gangadhar.
Yugeshwar Sahu, father of Gangadhar, in his complaint with the Larambha police station, said, “Whenever I tried to contact the contractor, he has been threatening me of dire consequence if I keep pestering him.” He urged the police to take prompt action.
Yugeshwar told that the State Home Department on April 3 last year has also directed to the SP Balangir to take steps in the case.
Meanwhile, All Odisha Other Backward Class Forum chairman Balaram Singh Yadav has demanded immediate steps to trace out of the missing youth and action against the culprit.

Workshop of Pre departure women migrants held in Bolangir;By SudhirMishra/Bolangir

Workshop of Pre departure women migrants held in Bolangir
Bolangir With a view to inform and enrich the knowledge and entitlements of migrant women workers under the Inter State Migrants Act 1979and how the migrant’s migration (journey) process would be safe and smooth and how women migrants, besides defending themselves, can also act as a sources of help and protection to migrant women in the brick kilns, a one day pre-departure migrant women workers was held at village Dangbahal ,80kmaway from here in  Patnagharh Block  on Friday.
Organized by PalliAlokPathagar with support from Aide et Action,Bhubneshwar,Global Alliance Against Traffic  in  Women(GAATW) and 
others, it was attended by around 70migrant women of nearby panchyats.

While the migrants’ women narrated their plight of excessive hour work, denial of minimum wage, exploitation at brick kiln site, the migrants’ women were informed about the facilities the registered contractor supposed to provide them and they were explained about the card which contains their details, various local and state officials’ number to contact whenever they feel distressed.

In the entire migration process, it has been observed that it is the women and adolescent girl migrants face more exploitation than their male counterpart as they have to look after the household activities there ,besides the exploitation and torture .Hence to sensitize and equip them with relevant information so that they can protect themselves and act as help to other distressed women migrant at brick kiln, this orientation is being held says SarojBarik ofAide et Action, Bhubneshwar
.Barik    explained various provision and narrated the incident how minor girl fight against the rape and torture in brick kilnof AndhraPradesh few years ago.
Among others, Hiralal Mishra, DayaSagar Pradhan,Dinesh Manhira, formerZillaParishadmember KaramSingh Saraf Seshdev Meher, and explained the different entitlements for women migrants and urged them to demand it and make them free from exploitation 

Drought singes Puja mood in 3 B’ngir blocks

Drought singes Puja mood in 3 B’ngir blocks
Thursday, 18 October 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR
Even as people of Balangir are celebrating Durga Puja with religious fervour, the farmers of Belpada, Muribahal, Bonogomonda and Loisingha blocks have turned to be a worried lot as a drought-like situation has occurred in these areas and paddy crops have been damaged.
According to reports, out of the 14 blocks in the district, Belpada block received 49 per cent deficit rainfall, Muribahal block 41 per cent deficit, Loisingha block witnessed  44 per cent less rainfall. Cracks have developed in the most of the paddy fields in these three blocks.
“If rains don’t occur within four days, paddy crops in certain pockts will be lost,” said Agriculture Deputy Direcor Sridhar Das.
Das, however, disputed the reports of deficit rainfall in Loisingha block saying that there has been a well-distributed rainfall in the block.
Asked how much areas have been affected, Das said “I have asked officials to prepare a report.”

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B’ngir Forest Guard suspended Friday, 28 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

B’ngir Forest Guard suspended
Friday, 28 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR
Balangir DFO Sameer Satpathy has placed Forest Guard Itishree Badhia under suspension for serious negligence and dereliction of duty resulting in the death of a wild elephant.
On September 19th, a male elephant died at Upparjhar in the Balangir Forest Division due to electrocution.
Although initially, it was reported as a female elephant, after postmortem it was known as an adult male elephant.
However, Itishree Badhia told this correspondent, “I have done my duty sincerely and informed the higher authorities about the development at the field. I have already informed about the incident to our association. I want my suspension to be withdrawn.”

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Training of Trainers on pre-departure orientation of women migrant workers held in Bolangir.

Training of Trainers on pre-departure orientation of women migrant workers held in Bolangir.
Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir

Bolangir:20th September 2018.
With a view to reduce the exploitation of migrants women and adolescents girl of Western Odisha,by educating them with providing relevent information,a Training of Trainers  on pre-departure of women migrant workers, was held at Bolangir today.

Organisedjointly  by Aide et Action,WOMN , Global Alliance Against Trafficking of Women(GAATW),and Aaina,this  consultation was attended by grassroots trainers from Bolangir,Kalhanadi ,Bargarh,Sonepur, Nuapada, Boudh and other areas.

Out of the total registered migrant around 50 percent or even more constitute migrant women and adolescent girls who faced discrimination and neglect  starting from the beginning of journey,at work site and  staying in brick kiln in terms of wage and other facilities,it was pointed out during the discussion.

A sample survey carried out in six Panchayats of Bolangir, Kalhanadi, Bargarh, Sonepur  district revealed that, majority of women and adolescents girls are migrating against their wishes and due to family complexion.To reduce the vulnerability of women and adolescents girls,we are going to held meeting of migrants women in Panchayat and would sesitize them about their rights and other valuable and relevant information,so that they could feel empowered and also help others in brick-kiln in times of crisis,says Saroj Barik of Aide et Action Bhubaneswar.

These women migrants would be provided a card containing all the details about her and district level information and other details of concerned officials,who can be contacted in case of any problem.

A Panchayat level leadership training for migrant's and adolescents girls would be held in these district of western Odisha would be held soon,for bettment and empowerment of women migrant workers of Western Odisha,informs Prashant Nayak of Western Odisha Migration Network.

Balangir jumbo dies due to electrocution Thursday, 20 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

Balangir jumbo dies due to electrocution
Thursday, 20 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

Bolangir An adult female elephant was found dead in Upparjhar -Phatamunda road near Kuimunda, around 24km away from here. Initial reports suggested that the elephant was electrocuted as an electricity pole fell down on it while moving in the area. The forest officials dismissed allegations of poaching.
On a tipoff, forest officials, including DFO Balangir Sameer Satpathy, ACF BC Roul and others rushed to the spot and recovered the carcass. “More details would be known after the postmortem report of elephant was available,” clarified Forest Department sources.
It would be pertinent to mention here that in October 2017, a joint coordination meeting of Wesco officials and forest officials of Balangir and Subarnapur districts was held at the DFO office. In the meeting, several vulnerable points where elephant are prone to electrocution were identified.
However, a proposal for corrective actions is now gathering dust in the PCCF office

Panic as another leopard sighted in B’ngir Monday, 17 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

Panic as another leopard sighted in B’ngir
Monday, 17 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

In yet another instance of leopard sighting, the people in Balangir saw a leopard at Mahima Chowk near Gulmi forest, 50km from here, on September 14. Consequently, there is panic in the locality.
According to reports, people saw the leopard sitting on a concrete structure of water pipes.
Notably, the cement structure is near the water project at Dumerbahal  from which water is supplied to the ordnance factory at Badmal through large pipes. While going through the road towards Balangir from Titilagarh, people saw the leopard sitting over a cement structure on the day of Nuakhai. Staying a few minutes, the leopard vanished.
According to sources, there are around eight leopards in Titilagarh forest range. A good deal of the area comes under the jurisdiction of ordnance factory, Badmal. As there is water source of Dumerbahal project and protection due to the boundary of the ordnance factory, leopards are often sighted here. There is no incident of any attack by leopard so far.
However, Titilagarh range officer J Nanda rubbished the report of leopard sighting. “We don't have any reports of leopard sighting in our area,” he said even as there were confirmed sources of the sighting.

B’ngir locals terrified after leopard sightedSunday, 16 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

Pugmark of the leopard)
B’ngir locals terrified after leopard sighted
Sunday, 16 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

Even as the people of Balangir district and other areas are rejoicing due to the Nuakhai festival, yet the appearance of a big leopard in the Shiv Durga temple located near Malpada village, 40km from here, under Deogaon block on Friday evening has sent shockwaves.
The temple is located just below a hillock (dungar) and adjacent to Punjigoad jungle, which shares borders with Upparjhar forest area and Sulia Ghati forest in Boudh district.
According to reports, a person had brought his new tractor for worship by the temple priest. However, as the priest had gone to the village for Nuakhai, he waited for sometime there.
By this time, he heard some sounds from the nearby foliages and soon a big size tiger (leopard) appeared and stood a few seconds before a tree where the deity is worshipped. The man there remained awestruck.
As the temple is located around 1km from the village and that too, near the forest, nobody was there. Later, the tiger disappeared from the place.
According to reports, a few days ago, there were incidents of cow lifting in the area of Mukundpur-Puranpani areas.

“We could manage to get the photograph of pugmarks of the tiger. It appears to be well grown leopard,” said a villager.
The villagers have demanded that the Forest Department take adequate steps to ensure safety of the people.

Rafale scam: Congress holds demo in B’ngir

News in English daily The Pioneer
Rafale scam: Congress holds demo in B’ngir
Saturday, 08 September 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

The members of Balangir district Congress Committee led by its president Dilip Behera, Samarendra Mishra and Santosh Singh Saluja staged a protest before the Collectorate here alleging corruption by the Modi Government in purchase of Rafale fighter plane from France.
The Congress leaders criticised the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre for corruption in purchase of Rafale fighter plane, fuel price rise, inflation and failure to provide jobs to youths.
The 126 Rafale fighter plane deal was finalised during UPA Government at Rs 526.10 crore per plane with France .18 planes were to be purchased from France and 108 planes were to be produced at HAL with transfer of technology.
But after the Modi Government came to power, Rafale plane deal was finalised at Rs1, 670.70 crore per plane and total 36 planes will be purchased.
The total purchase cost of Rafale plane would have been Rs 18,940 crore, whereas the Modi Government’s new deal has hiked the total purchase price of fighter plane to Rs 60,145 crore. Hence, there is a corruption of Rs 41,205 crore in the deal, the Congress leaders charged. Besides, they told if the planes were to be produced in HAL, Odisha, it could have provided employment to 35,000-40,000 youths of the State, said former MLA Saluja.

B'ngir forum submits memo for Vig probe Wednesday, 29 August 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

News in English Daily the Pioneer
B'ngir forum submits memo for Vig probe
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR

The members of the Balangir Action Committee led by its convenor Gopalji Panigrahi and others on Tuesday submitted a petition to the Superintendent of Police (Vigilance) Sambalpur through DSP Vigilance, Balangir, to inquire into the irregularities committed in preparation of financial proposals submitted to the Center for construction of a bypass road in the town.
It would be pertinent to mention here that a proposal of Rs 241.70 crore was sent to the Center for construction of the Balangir bypass road. Two National Highways namely NH-26 and NH- 54passs through the Balangir town which create huge traffic problems, besides rising accidents. For construction of the bypass road, land acquisition is required. In collusion with teshil officials, a proposal quoting high prices of land was submitted to the Center, which exceeds the benchmark value of land fixed by the Center.
However, the Center returned the proposal to the State Government stating that excess land price has been quoted for land acquisition and asked to send a revised estimate.
Accordingly, a proposal of Rs 224crore was sent again to the Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways.  However, this proposal was also not accepted by the Ministry and it was returned.
An estimate of Rs 190 crore has been submitted latest to the Center for bypass road.
“Today we submitted our petition to Superintendent of Police (Vigilance ) Sambalpur through DSP Vigilance Balangir to inquire into the irregularities in proposal submitted to the Center for the Balangir bypass road and take action against them,” said convenor Panigrahi
“We would sent the petition to our SP office  and would start a probe after getting instructions from there,” informed DSP Vigilance Parmeshwar Kisan to mediapersons.

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Friday, 01 June 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Around 15 rescued and released migrant bonded labourers of Bairkhamn, Badbahali and Phapsi villages of Subarnapur district are yet to get their rehabilitation assistance even though they were rescued as far back as on April 23, 2013 from a brick kiln of Guddur district of Andhra Pradesh.
The plight of the migrant bonded labourers came to light in a recent leadership development programme organised by the Aide et Action Bhubaneswar which was attended by the rescued labourers of Nabrangpur, Nuapada, Balangir, Bargarh and Subarnapur districts.
According to the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976, a labourer/person who is rescued as a bonded labourer is entitled to rehabilitation assistance of Rs 20,000 and a certificate of release. While Rs 1,000 is given on the rescue spot, the rest amount is paid by the native district administration or the State.
The leadership development programme, among others, stressed on how released and rescued migrant bonded labourers would get more entitlements, more wage employment and inclusion in the Government’s pro-poor and welfare schemes and benefits for their economic upliftment. The meeting expressed surprise over reports of closure of seasonal hostels meant for migrant children in Balangir district as the rules say that seasonal hostels should be kept open till the return of the parents of migrant children.
While the rescued migrant bonded labourers related their ordeal in getting job work and how they overcome it, the meeting also stressed the need to pay attention to the returning migrants and their children and steps for them to make a living in the villages.Among others, Umi Daniel, Saroj Barik and Jyoti Prakash of Aide et Action clarified their doubts. The rescued and released migrant bonded labourers were told to strive hard to get the Government entitlements to lead a better life.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Distress sale of tomato in Bolangir

distress sale of tomato in Bolangir

Tomato farmers of village Jankpur Bolangir led by President of Zilla Krushak Mahasangha Sri Sudhir Parischha today threw tomato on the road before collectriate, protesting against the low price and demanding mechanism to protect them.

I had cultivated tomato in two Acres of landand invested a lot of money. Now traders are demaning us to sell tomato at rupees one per kg which is quite low and disgusting. Hence we have thrown it before collectriate, says Birendra Bag afarmer of Janakpur village.

I had also cultivated tomato in three Acres of land and today in the market ,p traders/people offered a price 50paisaper kg which was Disgusting. I didn't sale and threw it here today saysSanuj Bhoi .Some mechanism should be developed for tomato farmers to check distress sale of farmers, says Sanuj further.

"Both the state and Central government are shedding crocodile tears for development of farmers.However till today there is no facility of Krushak Bazar nor chain of Cold storage has been set up to store tomoato andto ensure remunative (adequate price)for tomato.

Today the farmers have thrown thetomato on the street as a mark of protest and unless Government take remedial measures, farmers will report to agitation, says President of Zilla Krushak Mahasangha Sri Sudhir Parischha.

Monday, March 19, 2018


Monday, 19 March 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

A carcass of a tusker was found inside the Chelia Reserve Forest in the Loisingha Range on March 16 morning by local villagers who had gone to collect firewood.
After getting information, the local forest officials along with veterinary surgeon rushed to spot. The postmortem report of the elephant body would be available within a few days and exact cause of death of tusker would be known then, said a forest official.
The incident has raised many questions about the circumstances and factors leading to the tusker’s death. Was it due to forest fire or injuries or any gunshot by miscreants? How the officials could not have any inkling about it?
Many people suspect that the elephants died due to lack of food as after the harvest of paddy there is nothing left. The only consolation is that a few water bodies exist where there is water to meet the need of the pachyderms.
The body was buried inside the jungle in the presence of lone veterinary surgeon, besides a ground level forest official. No independent witness was present there.
Locals have demanded an inquiry into the circumstances leading to death of the elephant.


Saturday, 17 March 2018 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Even as the forest officials in the district were happy that the percentage of forest cover has increased substantially, their happiness was short-lived as rising number of fire incidents has been devouring forest area, besides the flora and fauna since the onset of summer this year.
The frequencies of the forest fire have kept the fire squad boys on toes as at times fire is reported from multiple points.
Forest fire raged Sunadei reserve forest area on March 13 night and a plantation in Upparuddar village in Sargard section in Loisingha range on March 14 was also damaged due to fire.
Villagers telephoned to local forest officials and range officials but they did not get timely response.
Upparuddar VSS president alleged that no forest official reached to douse the fire which is distressing.
“On March 14, I inquired about the situation from Loisingha range officer who said that multiple fire points were reported and that became a reason why there were delays in reaching the spot,” said DFO Sameer Satpathy.
Forest department cannot fight fire alone with squads. Why no sensitisation meeting and training of forest officials are held this year like last year where all forest officials starting from DFO and ACF Range Officers were on the field with the staff to fight forest fire successfully, asked a local here.

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The theatre march procession of Mathkhai Mahostov2018;

The theatre march procession of Mathkhai Mahostov called Cultural Harmony Fair, led by Leader of Opposition Sri Narsingha Mishra, Film artist Raghuvir Yadav, Parva Dance team of Ahinsha Club Bhutibahal, and others marched through the morning(21st January2018)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Collector of Balangir,Dr. N. Tirumala Naik speaking to media;

New Collector of Balangir,Dr. N. Tirumala Naik speaking to media

Bolangir Action Committee to stage dharna on 24thJanuary,

Bolangir Action Committee to stage dharna on 24thJanuary, for Bypass road inBolangir