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Thursday, 31 October 2013 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Inmates of the New Hostel of the Rajendra College here on Wednesday staged a demonstration in front of the Collectorate demanding action against those responsible for the poor quality of work in the hostel construction and inadequate water supply to the hostel.
“We are experiencing water shortage since last few months and we have only four functioning toilets in the entire hostel. We suspect there has been large-scale corruption by the authorities,” said the agitators. “We demand immediate action against the corrupt people and for solution of our problem,” they added.

B’NGIR FARMERS DEMAND EARLY COMPENSATION Thursday, 31 October 2013 | PNS | balangir | in Bhubaneswar

Thursday, 31 October 2013 | PNS | balangir | in Bhubaneswar
Members of the Zilla Krushak Mahasangh led by Sudhir Parischha and Jati Pradhan along with farmers of Patnagarh on Wednesday staged a demonstration before the Collectorate here demanding early assessment of crop loss caused due to the recent incessant rains for five consecutive days after the Phailin.
“The Government is treating farmers, particularly of this area, with a step-motherly attitude. We demand immediate assessment of paddy and cotton crop loss and proper compensation and bonus of Rs 500 per quintal paddy and Rs 1,000 per quintal cotton and opening of mandis within 15 days,” said Mahasangh president Parischha.
The agitating farmers too decried the slleged misbehaviour to a farmer leader by the Patnagarh Sub-Collector on October 28 and demanded that the Sub-Collector apologise for it. They also submitted a memorandum to the Governor through the district administration.

Balangir poor make hay when the sun shines Sudhir Mishra | BalangirBHUBANESWAR | Monday, May 17, 2010

Sudhir Mishra
BHUBANESWAR | Monday, May 17, 2010 | Email | Print | 

Balangir poor make hay when the sun shines

Sudhir Mishra | Balangir

While the economically sound dare not to venture out in the summer and are able to beat the torrid heat in the air-conditioned and other cooling-system-furnished cosy cubicles, the poor and economically weaker section have to brave the sultry summer and the vagaries of the burning sun in a bid to quell the pangs of hunger and eke out a living every day here with the mercury hovering above 44 degree Celsius.

One’s sensitive eyes can bump into such a pathetic scene outside the Collectorate here and find the hapless rural-folk struggling in the backdrop of the sunstroke-prone loo and selling scrumptious summer fruits Khajur (date palm) and Taal (palm) while the shade of a few tress serves them with some succour to sustain their struggle for existence.

“We used to get plenty of Taal earlier and made a seasonal fortune by selling its Taalsaj (delicious kernel), but now the quantity has declined and also our sales,” rued Makardhwaj Jued of Jiratramal village, adding that they risk their lives by climbing the tall trees just to manage the livelihood in the dry season.

“We start selling in the morning, but as the day advances and the mercury starts soaring, a few thirsty and hungry lot come and haggle and already it is noon and we would be awaiting customers till evening,” another seller said.

The Khajur trees in the rural areas are vanishing fast as they have been felled for construction of roads, consumption of its tuber and other purposes and it has become extremely difficult to eke out a living by selling it, both the sellers complained.

However, the middle-aged rural woman’s asking this scribe to purchase some Khajur was heart-penetrating and sounded most significant for the Fourth Estate when she made an appeal saying mere photographing of her selling is meaningless and the few media men capturing her photograph stood stunned.

Mandia falls pray to modern food habits/BHUBANESWAR | Monday, December 28, 2009 | Email | Print | Minor millets cultivation to be revived in Balangir

Subject: news on mandia in the pioneer
`Mandia falls pray to modern food habits

Sudhir Mishra | Balangir

Nutrient-rich food ragi, locally called as mandia, is fast missing from the common men's diet these days.

Unfortunately, this crop, rich in protein, minerals and natural vitamins, is vanishing fast from the daily food habit of the people of drought prone areas of Balangir, thanks to the change of food habits, impact of television, modernisation and other social factors associated with it, pushing mandia consumption into oblivion.

This 100-day crop, which grows well in moisture stress condition, is largely harvested by poor people of Titilagarh, Muribahal, Tureikel, Bongomunda and Belapda in June and July. Yet its production is not going up. Agricultural office sources reveal that a hectare of land yields only 5.5 to 6 quintals of mandia.

This low production of mandia from one hectare of land is because of the traditional method of cultivation and use of traditional seed with less application of appropriate fertilisers in this district, explains an agricultural official.

According to official sources, mandia has been cultivated in 3,525 hectare in 2006 which came down to 3,310 hectares in 2007 and again it has gloomily upped to 3,510 hectare in 2008.

The consumption of mandia not only keeps the stomach cool in summer but it acts as an ideal natural medicine for diabetes patients.

Notwithstanding its rich medical value, one of the major reasons for this crop not receiving much attention is the thrust of producing more paddy and change of food habits among the people.

Large scale cultivation of this crop is gradually dwindling owing to its low market price.

Some traders are purchasing the item from the village point at prices less than it deserves.

Steps should be taken to increase mandia cultivation by enhancing its market value, says Siddheshwar Majhi, a tribal youth of Titiligarh

To revive the consumption of mandia along with its medicinal values, it requires a wide scale media hype, views an official.

The perception of poor man's food attached with this crop should be removed to encourage the rate of consumption and ultimately the rate of mandia production, he said.
BHUBANESWAR | Monday, December 28, 2009 | Email | Print | 

Minor millets cultivation to be revived in Balangir

Sudhir Mishra | Balangir

Even as the entire world is worried over food crisis, starvation, malnutrition, greenhouse gas emission, and solution to these problems, farmers of Balangir could show the whole world, by cultivating minor millet crops namely Kudo, Mandia and Gurjee, which requires less chemical fertilisers and water and at the same time ensures the food security of poor and marginalised farmers of this district.

Minor millets like Kudo, Gurjee and Mandia are grown in the Att land of the district. It requires less fertilisers, pesticides and water and grows well in the Att land. Farmers require very small investment for cultivation of these crops.

The production of these minor millets helps to feed the poor farmers during the food stress period of a year in the month of July, August and September.

With the introduction of high-yielding variety crops which requires heavy water, chemical fertilisers and insecticides, this important crop has been put in the back burner and has been neglected.

This low-cost indigenously available important crop, which ensures food security of poor farmers and help them to adapt to the climate change, should be revived.

A tie-up with Gene Campaign, New Delhi headed by eminent scientist Suman Sahai is to be taken up soon, informed the Regional Manager of ActionAid, Amarjyoti Nayak while addressing the members of Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam, a network of CBO (community based organisation) and NGOs at Balangir recently.

Under this programme, farmers' club would be formed in the villages. Moreover, they would also be trained about seed preservation and production and storage, he said.

Even as this district produces huge quantity of non-timber forest produce (NTFP) like mahul, char, broomstick, etc yet the poor farmers don't get the announced remunerative prices and they have to sell the produce at distress rate. The Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam decided to prevent the distress and underrate sale of mahul, char, broomstick and other NTFPs in the forthcoming season.

Besides, the meet also decided to take up other issues like child migration, sustainable agriculture and proper implementation of NREGA and different food rights schemes in the district. 


BHUBANESWAR | Sunday, December 26, 2010 | Email | Print | | Back DPS expels 16 HIV+ students December 26, 2010 1:07:25 AM PNS | Balangir

BHUBANESWAR | Sunday, December 26, 2010 | Email | Print |  | Back 

DPS expels 16 HIV+ students
December 26, 2010   1:07:25 AM

PNS | Balangir

Barely a few days have passed since the observation of World AIDS Day with much fanfare allover the country, reiterating the pledge striving to achieve “universal access to healthcare and human rights of the HIV positive people”.

The Government of India is a signatory to United Nation Millennium Development Goal (MDG) which interalia, has set the target to combat the HIV, AIDS and reverse the trend of spreading it further, now comes the report of expulsion of 16 schoolchildren in Gurgaon in Haryana as they were found to be HIV positive.

The students were enrolled into the afternoon batch of Gurgaon’s highly reputed Delhi Public School(DPS), but were dismissed two days of their admission. The school management claimed to be “under prepared” to accommodate the HIV positive students.

The students were then transferred to Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, but only to suffer more atrocities at the hands of the school management. The students alleged to have been beaten, and forced to clean school premises by the teachers. This is totally unfortunate and Government should standup for the rights of these students.

In a letter written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Union Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad and Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on December 24, Convener of Parliamentary forum on HIV,AIDS and Balangir MP Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo has sought personal intervention of Prime Minister and “standing up of with rights of these HIV positives students, besides action against official responsible for this incident.

‘Migration of children must end’ Pioneer News Service | Balangir/

This is an old news.Posting for perusal ofall
BHUBANESWAR | Friday, December 25, 2009 | Email | Print | 

‘Migration of children must end’

Pioneer News Service | Balangir

With 40,000 children migrating every year from this district to other States, along with their parents in search of livelihood and their inhuman living condition, came up in the two-day Balangir Zilla Lok Sammelan held on December 19 and 20 at Arjunpur, 25 km from here. Civil society organisations have to put in their efforts to end it, said regional manager Action Aid Amar Jyoti Nayak at the Sammelan.

Expressing concern over the death of five members of the Jhinto Bariha family due to malnutrition and starvation, Nayak called upon the civil society organisations to introspect and gear up to prevent such incidents in future. He also stressed the need to strengthening the people’s organisations.

Eminent leader Prafulla Samantaray expressed concern over the farmer suicides in the State. He said that people should question their representatives on the steps taken for improvement of the farmers’ condition.

Journalist Sapan Bohidar spoke on food security and the functioning of Public Distribution System in Khaprakhol block, while Pradeep Sahu spoke on Forest Rights Act 2006 and the land rights of the tribals. Among others Brahamananda Sahu, Nandikishore Sandh, convener of Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam Balangir Bhajaram Sahu and Udayasingh Tahkur spoke on various issues.

Earlier, on the inaugural day State Women’s Commission Chairperson Jyoti Panigrahi stressed on women literacy and their empowerment.

The two-day Lok Sammelan adopted a six point resolution on transparency in NREGA, land for the landless, strengthening the PDS system, putting an end to child labour, legal protection to the migrant labour and strengthening Lok Sanghathan. President of Balangir Zilla lok Sangathan Teva Sagaria presided over the meeting and Saroj Barik coordinated the function.

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DHIKKAR DIBAS HELD AT BALANGIR Tuesday, 29 October 2013 | PNS | Balangir | in Bhubaneswar

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 | PNS | Balangir | in Bhubaneswar
=========Members of the Koshal State Coordination Committee led by Pramod Mishra and supported by 32 organisations of Balangir, including the Balangir Action Committee, Citizens’ Committee, Balangir Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Balangir District Bar Association on Monday observed “Dhikkar Dibas” here, condemning the Odisha High Court Bar Association’s opposition to setting up of a  permanent High Court  Bench here.
“We observed Dhikkar Dibas protesting against the stand of the Odisha High Court Bar Association, Cuttack opposing the move to set up a permanent Bench of the Odisha High Court at Balangir. We condemn their callous attitude towards Koshalanchal neglecting the genuine demands of this area.
All Government offices, including Central Government offices, were closed and people extended their support to us in this agitation,” said Pramod Mishra. Addressing a gathering, speakers mentioned that in the pre-Independence days, a High Court was functioning here, and after merger of Patna State with Odisha the High Court was abolished.
However, the District and Sessions Judge of Balangir functions as a Registrar of High Court as per the special arrangement. When a High Court was functioning here earlier, why are the Cuttack lawyers now opposing setting up of a permanent HC Bench here, the speakers asked Later, the Koshal State Coordination Committee members along with others burnt an effigy of the Odisha High Court Bar Association.

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Monday, 28 October 2013 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Members of Odisha Kendu Leaf Employees’ Union Paikmal, led by its secretary of Padampur Kendu Leaf Division Pradeep Purohit, Dhiren Mohanty and others, have demanded a thorough probe into the financial irregularities to the tune of crores of rupees committed in the Padampur division during the tenure of DFO (Kendu Leaf) Debarbata Roy.
According to the petition submitted to Chief Conservator of Forest (Kendu Leaf), Balangir, DFO Roy along with other Forest officials was involved in large-scale financial irregularities through false bills and vouchers, manipulation of papers and payment of less wages to workers during his six years tenure.
The DFO had also taken the signature of Munshi on plain paper to misappropriate around Rs 27lakh. Moreover, the money sanctioned for repairing of Phadi house (where kendu leaf is stored) has not been used properly and misappropriation of fund to the tune of Rs 15 lakh was committed, the petition further alleged.
Employees like Munshi have been paid wages for less number of days. Also a good amount out of the sanctioned Rs 1.55 crore has been embezzled as only 40,000 labourers were engaged, the petitionalleged.
Moreover, one Malti Putel, wife of Dhawajaram Putel of Sukuli Pahad village, alleged that her husband was working as a watchman in Padampur sub-division and he was removed from job after he refused to work in the residence of the DFO in Bhubaneswar.
However being asked, Roy declined to comment on the allegations. “I have ordered a probe into the allegations and after the probe over I shall give my comments,” said Chief Conservator of Forest (KL), Balangir Circle, Ajaya Raizada on Saturday.


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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Due to the callous attitude of the district administration, a poor migrant from the district who had gone to Andhra to work in brick kiln and has gone missing since past five years is yet to be traced.
 Neither the Labour Department not the police are taking any action in this regard despite repeated petitions by the wife of the hapless migrantAccording to reports, one Goura Puta of Goelmara village under Patnagarh police station was taken to Hyderabad by one Debar Dharuaa of the same village in October 2008 to work in brick kiln.
While taking Goura, Debar had told Sebati Puta, wife of Goura, that his son Chouban Dharuaa was working there in Hyderabad and he was taking Goura for a visit and he would return soon. “Moreover, my husband also told me to return within seven days,” said Sebati Puta. “As my husband did not return I enquired about his whereabouts and Debar did not give me any satisfactory answer,” she added.
Meanwhile, Chouban has returned home and he is also not keeping mum about Gaura’s whereabouts. “In 2008, I had submitted a petition with the district administration appealing for rescue of my husband but nothing happened. Today again, I am submitting application to district Collector, District Labour Officer and police to trace my husband who has been missing since past five years,” says Sebati.
Even though the Government has announced various employment generation schemes like MGNERGA to provide work to people at their door steps and thereby stop migration, yet reports of poor people from this region migrating to other States in search of jobs and facing exploitation, torture and even missing for years are coming to fore from time to time.


Wednesday, 23 October 2013 | SUDHIR MISHRA | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Efforts of the Government to promote hybrid maize cultivation in Balangir district suffered a setback as the crop cultivated by villagers of Upparjhar and Nuanpali in Degoan block did not yield any harvest leaving the farmers to count heavy loss.
The Agriculture Department had given us JKMH-502 seeds in June last. While villagers of Nuanpali had cultivated it in 200 hectares, Upparjhar farmers had gone for 250 acres.
“There is hardly any seed in its fruit and out of 100 maize plants in a field fruit has been yielded in barely 20 plants and that too in small sizes,” said a farmer, adding that after the Aagriculture Department officials were apprised of this, they advised the cultivators to wait for some more time.
“Earlier, we used to earn Rs 15,000 per hectare from maize cultivation, but this year we have suffered huge loss, hence we demand adequate compensation,” said another farmer.
“Earlier we had submitted our petition to District Collector’s Grievance Cell but no action was taken,” he added.
Later, the farmers submitted a petition to Deputy Director of Agriculture demanding adequate compensation for the crop loss.
“We have received a complaint from the farmers of Nanupali and Upparjhar regarding poor performance of JK Agro Genetic maize and crop failure. The JK Agro Genetic was involved in Hybrid maize cultivation in the district under Public-Private Partnership mode. The Maize JKMH-502 variety was cultivated in 1980 hectares, of which poor performance was noticed in 980 hectares. This is characterized by lanky growth of the crop, short height, early upcoming of reproductive phase and poor grain filling. A total of 2,760 farmers have been affected due to this. We have intimidated this to Director of Agriculture in October first week,” said Deputy Director of Agriculture Manoranjan Mallick.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Maize farmer’s demands “adequate compensation” for crop failure in Balangir Farmers had cultivated JKMH-502variety;By SudhirMishrabolangir.

Maize farmer’s demands “adequate compensation” for maize crop failure in Balangir
Farmers had cultivated 
Atotal of 980hectres maize suffered lossand2760farmershave been affected.
Balangir;The  effort  of government  to promote Hybrid  maize cultivation in Balangir  district suffered a setback as the  maize cultivated by villagers of Upparjhar andNuanpali in Degoan block, did not bear fruit leaving  farmers to suffer a heavy loss
This year the agriculture department had given us JKMH-502seeds in June this year and we had cultivated it while villagers of Nuanpali had cultivated in 200hectares in Upparjhar village it has been taken up in 250acres said a villager.
There is hardly any maize seedin the maize fruit , in the plant and out of the100maize trees, in a field, maize has come up in barely 20plant and that too in small size alleged another villagers.

We informed this to agriculture official who advised us to wait for some time and it would grow further, alleged a villager. 

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CONCERN OVER JUMBO DEATHS, FARMERS’ LOSSMonday, 21 October 2013 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Monday, 21 October 2013 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
The recent death of a five-year-old female elephant near Khalipali in Agalpur block has once again raised the man-animal conflict in this otherwise peaceful area and the damagesto the paddy crop by the elephants come at a time when it was getting ready for harvest.
The death of the elephant has raised question mark on the functioning of the elephant squads in Balangir district, said former MP Balgopal Mishra.
Although as per the official record the elephant died due to “heart attack”, people wonder what happened which led to heart attack for an animal like elephant, said Mishra.
In April this year, the decomposed body of an elephant was found at a village, raising question on the role of the Forest Department personnel.
“I had apprised the district Collector and Divisional Forest Officer 15 days ago about the situation, but their response was not satisfactory as far as the protection of elephants and interests of crop-losingfarmers is considered,” said Mishra, adding that, the compensation amount given by the Government for crop damage by elephants is inadequate.
He demanded that the Government hike the compensation and pay it within 15days of crop damage. Elephants are staying in the region since last few years and for the protection of elephants and forests, the entire 120-sqkm forest area should be declared as an elephant sanctuary, added Mishra, besides demanding solar fencing wall around the forest so that the elephants cannot come out from the forest.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Local police in Balangir arrested two persons in connection with manhandling a constable and a Home Guard inside town police station on Wednesday night.
According to reports, a PCR van received a complaint that a few young men were creating disturbance in the Palace line area by drinking liquor and gambling in public. Police reached the area and brought the situation under control.
However, at around 10.30 pm, the youngsters, allegedly caught gambling and trouble-mongering, while returning from a Durga visarjan went to the town police station to lodge an FIR.
Trouble brewed when they asked a policeman for a pen to lodge their complaint.
A heated exchange of words took place between the youngsters and the police, which subsequently escalated into violence with the men roughing up a constable and a Home Guard.
A case was registered in the town police station and two men were arrested.
On being allegedly beaten up by the police, one of the arrested, identified as Sajjain Acharya, sustained injuries.
“There was an allegation of public consumption of liquor with gambling by some young men near the Palace line area. A PCR van went there and cleared the area. Disgruntled with police action, the men wanted to settle scores and resorted to roughhousing a constable and a Home Guard on duty. Of the four accused, two were arrested and sent to court,”
said SP Ravi Prakash,
rubbishing all charges of police assault on the two men after their arrest.


Female elephant found dead in Balangir./News in the Pioneer.

Sunday, 20 October 2013 | PNS | Balangir | in Bhubaneswar
Close on the heels of finding the decomposed body of an elephant in Agalpur block a few months back, a female elephant was found dead in a paddy field at Khaliapali village near Salebhata, around 50 km from Balangir, on Saturday. Preliminary reports indicated that the elephant aged about five years died due to cardiac failure, said Balangir Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Abhiram Nayak.

Padayatra held to protect G’mardan from forest fire and other forest fire news and stories of Bolangirand odisha since2013

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