Monday, April 27, 2020

Feeding street dogs and stray cattle during lock down in Bolangir.

SudhirMishra Bolangir
27th April 2020.
Bolangir: With the onset of Sun in the west heralding the end of day, in a vehicle (old jeep) ,loaded with cut vegetables, which includes watermelon, Cucumber ,raw banana, cabbages, Biscuits and cake ,moves out from Bolangir Municipality ,to different area of the town to feed stray cattle and dogs.

We have been doing it since the day of lockdown and cattle have become accustomed to our vehicle and they would  surround our vehicle and only after eating the vegetables, they would leave the place.

In the morning, we arrange vegetables from different sources for these animals including daily market and after collection we prepare them and kept ready by cutting into pieces.
We cover around 20 points in different areas of town and it became 10 pm in the night when we return home says Bhakta Das ,a municipality staff, looking in to this issues.

While the cattle are somewhat disciplined, the street dogs are little smarter.

While a few would eat the biscuits ,cake offered to them ,rest would wait for few minutes for departure of the team to left from that place so that they could also eat peacefully .Besides this there would also a little fight among themselves to who first and over the territory ( area)

"In view of high temperature in the day we start the operation to feed the stray cattle and dogs after the sunset. 

As per the government rules, we spend 5000 per day and we feed them  different vegetables, bread and biscuits .Besides this, to meet the drinking water need of animals, we have also kept a pot filled with water by the side of Jalchatra opened by Bolangir Municipality to take care of thirsty people in the Summer, says Executive officer of Bolangir Municipality Bipin Deep  to this correspondent.

Handle the returned migrants labourers of Bolangir in phased manner: Bolangir MP Sangeeta Singhdeo:

SudhirMishra Bolangir
26th April 2020.
Member of Parliament from Bolangir Smt Sangeeta Singhdeo has urged the district administration to take steps to ensure return of migrants to the district in a phased manner,to ensure quarantine properly.

 In a letter to District Collector Arindum Dakua on 25th April,Smt Sangeeta Singhdeo has mentioned that around 87,000 migrants from Bolangir are likely to return to Bolangir after the lock down is over by 3rd May 2020

Out of the approximate 87000 migrants schedule to return,the a total of 26,000/ are likely return to Belpada block,Tureikela,( 13000) Khaprakhol (12000) and Patnagarh,7000 migrants,and the rest in other blocks
 During my interaction with Sarpanch,they have shared their inability to manage them and ensure quarantine properly to the returned migrants properly, points out the letter of MP Sangeeta Singhdeo.

 In view of large number of migrant workers likely to return and Sarpanches expressing their inability to handle large migrants and ensure their quarantine effectively,the returnees Migrants labourers should be brought  in a phased manner to ensure their quarantine effectively, points out the letter to District Collector Arindum Dakua.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

District Collector Arindum Dakua launched the 200beded COVID 19 hospital at KISS campus Bolangir


Sudhir Mishra /Bolangir 
Bolangir; District Collector Arindum Dakua formally launched the 200beded COVID 19 hospital at KISS campus here ON 14th April2020.The Hospital is being managed by KIMS.

District Colector Arindum Dakua inside the
hospital with medical staff

Sudhir Mishra Bolangir
14th April 2020.
Bolangir; District Collector Arindum Dakua formally launched the 200beded COVID 19 hospital at KISS campus here today.

The Hospital is being managed by KIMS.

A three tire treatment facility has been arranged in the district.The patients having mild symptoms would be treated at Corona Care Center the primary level and with moderate level symptom, the patient would be treated at COVID health center

And those having serious and positive symptoms they would be treated at this COVID 19 hospital which had all the facilities to treat COVID 19 positive patients, informed District Collector Arindum Dakua,to mediamen today noon.

Initially the hospital would function in 100 bedded and later it would expand. A total of 280 swabs samples were collected and sent to Regional Research medical centre Bhubaneswar for examination and all the 90 reports, which  have come as "Negative".

We are thinking to take measures for opening of small shops like books store, repair shops etc for a limited period says Arindam Dakua further.


Monday, April 6, 2020

Bolangir Collector warns of stern action for violating social distancing norm.

Bolangir:6th April 2020
Bolangir Collector warns of stern action for violating social distancing norm.

Bolangir: Bolangir Collector Arindum Dakua has warned the traders, shopkeepers to maintain the minimum social distancing provision before their shops, failing which,their shops would be sealed and action would be taken as per the Epidemic Disease Act 1897 and COVID 19 2020 rules.In a statement,the Collector explains that it is also applicable to daily market, traders and street vendors.

Bolangir SP Sandeep Sampat has also urged people not to come out of home unless extremely required and also not to spread fake message in social media.

;Bolangir: Bolangir police has registered 39cases against 230 persons for violation of lockdown regulations and seized 217 Two wheeler, informes Bolangir SP Sandeep SampatHe appealed people to people to obey all guidelines of lockdown and social distancing

Friday, April 3, 2020

MOU signed by KIIMS and Govt of Odisha for a 200 beded COVID hospital with 10 ICU and 10 HDU beds in KISS campus Balangir.\

SudhirMishra/Bolangir 3rdApril2020
Bolangir;An Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was  signed here today by CEO KIIMS 
Dr.BishnuPanigrahi,andDistrictCollector Arindum Dakua, Govt of Odisha, for a 200 bedded COVID hospital with 10 ICU and 10 HDU beds in KISS campus Balangir.which will be functional in a week.

Among others  CDMO Dr Narayan Thanapati  and Kandhamal MP Dr Achyut Samant were present on this occasion.