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Distress sale of tomato in Bolangir

distress sale of tomato in Bolangir

Tomato farmers of village Jankpur Bolangir led by President of Zilla Krushak Mahasangha Sri Sudhir Parischha today threw tomato on the road before collectriate, protesting against the low price and demanding mechanism to protect them.

I had cultivated tomato in two Acres of landand invested a lot of money. Now traders are demaning us to sell tomato at rupees one per kg which is quite low and disgusting. Hence we have thrown it before collectriate, says Birendra Bag afarmer of Janakpur village.

I had also cultivated tomato in three Acres of land and today in the market ,p traders/people offered a price 50paisaper kg which was Disgusting. I didn't sale and threw it here today saysSanuj Bhoi .Some mechanism should be developed for tomato farmers to check distress sale of farmers, says Sanuj further.

"Both the state and Central government are shedding crocodile tears for development of farmers.However till today there is no facility of Krushak Bazar nor chain of Cold storage has been set up to store tomoato andto ensure remunative (adequate price)for tomato.

Today the farmers have thrown thetomato on the street as a mark of protest and unless Government take remedial measures, farmers will report to agitation, says President of Zilla Krushak Mahasangha Sri Sudhir Parischha.