Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Sun-behind the wheel; Time and Tides waits for none.;Let us build a better society,nation and world ;By SudhirMishra/Bolangir;31stDecember2014

Dear all
I am posting an old photograph taken six months which shows that the Sun isgoing down in the west behind the Wheel.
Since time immemorial two things are moving constantly-1) Time and Tides.These two things have never stopped,and moving on.The Sun set in the west only to rise in the east ---and the time circle moves on--A large number of people are gearing to prepare the entry of new year 2015.
That is fine.But that moment is just like another moment .Thus time would continue its march forward always---better we should strive to build a better human being,society, society, nation and world.
The year 2014 is scheduled passed into oblivion after few hours and 2015 would start.
Happy new year 2015 to all


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