Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shift the Question Hour in LokSabha to 12 noon;Baijayant Jay Panda MP

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I found this letterin FB  written by  Baijayant "Jay" Panda Member oParliament (Lok Sabha),in FB.And As I found it interesting and meaningful,I am posting here for perusal of all
Baijayant "Jay" Panda
Member of Parliament
(Lok Sabha)
• Committee on Public Undertakings
• Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Finance
• Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs
RO/201415/9 C 0
4th December 2014
Smt. Sumitra Mahajan
Honorable Speaker of the Lok Sabha
New Delhi 110001
Subject: To propose that Question Hour be shifted to 12 noon
I am writing to propose that you consider shifting the Question Hour from 11 am to 12
noon. Question Hour is an integral part of Members' ability to keep the government
accountable to its citizens. Unfortunately, it is subject to disruption when Members wish
to bring up Zero Hour matters during Question Hour, such as has already happened
several times during this session.
Shifting Question Hour and Zero Hour will make both hours more efficient. Starting the
day with Zero Hour at 11 am will enable Members to bring up urgent matters
immediately without disrupting Question Hour. This will ensure that there is enough time
for Members to ask the questions that have been selected for Question Hour and for
Ministers to answer them.
On November ze", the Rajya Sabha voted on the 13th Report of the Committee on
Rules, formalizing the Chairman's direction to change the timing of Question Hour to 12
noon in the Upper House. Now that the Rajya Sabha has changed the timing of its
Question Hour, the Lok Sabha should do the same.
I hope you will consider this proposal favorably.
With warm regards,
Yours Sincerely,
(/.; -:
Baijayant "Jay" Panda
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