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A traffic police man performs his duty under theSun inBolangir(without any cover over his head);BySudhirMishra/Bolangir18thApril2015

Managing the traffic under the Sun 
It is a common incident   to find people express their uneasiness over rising temperature of the Sun in summer.
All most all wants shade to get temporary respite from heat.The rich  people and big(VIP) people of society moves in fully air conditioned car and they avoids the exposure to the Sun  as far as possible.

However ,the hapless one, the "workingclasspeople" who moves and work hard in the summer only to perform  duty and to earn bread and  butter.

 While returning(after covering a dharna of temporary Keduleaf worker event in the town  today,I found this traffic policeman managing the traffic at collectriate  under the Sun without cover.
I was sweating due to harsh summer by then(it wasalready11.30am) .I thought his condition for awhile.I took few photographs of the traffic police man .

Few days ago another traffic police constable shared his agony with me 
"Dada look at the high temperature of Summer.Within half an hour we are feeling uneasy/and exhausted .Whenever we try to get respite by standing in a shade place or at little distant,our officer pulled up us .Nobody is looking at our ordeal"says the constable

Balangir  is known for the harsh summer.Not that this type of incident is a new one.Three years ago ,again while going to cover an incident ,a lady constable narrated her condition while she discharge the duty of traffic police women in Summer -that too without any cover over the traffic post.

After listening to her plight,I had made a news in "The Pioneer" and took initiative so that the traffic post get a cover.

After one and half year it was materialised.But the sad thing is that  two years later all the major traffic post are without a cover
Either it has been damaged by an accidentcaused by  a vehicle or vandalised by miscreants.

As sun moves in sky and each summer day getting hot ,the lone traffic policeman managing the "unruly and growing traffic" only to curse his fate and think when  his ordeal -will come to an end?

I enclose the news published three years ago in "The Pioneer" for your perusal
FRIDAY, 23 MARCH 2012 22:37
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Chaotic traffic in Balangir town has led to commuters’ nightmare. Such is the mess here that it is said if you can drive safely in Balangir, you are safe anywhere.
Here anybody can flout the traffic norms with impunity. Ride whichever side you choose, it is not a problem. But surly this has led to lawlessness on roads and accidents have shot up.
“We are dissuading the youths not to ride at break-neck speed. But in the absence of strict punishment, hardly does it yield the desired results,” said a traffic police on conditions of anonymity.
“We are working under the scorching sun with no cover over us. There is no outpost here. The traffic post is damaged. Even as we are working under harsh conditions and facing the consequences like dehydration and other health problems, there is no let-up,” rued a woman traffic constable.
We are taking action against the offenders. Besides, we are also sensitising the people about road safety, informed SK Panda of Balangir town police station.
New umbrella covers for the damaged traffic ones would be ready by the end of March, Balangir Superintendent of Police R Prakash said.

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