Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Moon behind the cloud By Sudhir Mishra/ Bolangir 9thJuly2014

 The  Moon behind the cloud
Sudhir Mishra/ Bolangir 
There was no electricity in the Bolangirtown for 4pm to 6,30pm.Everybody was expecting that power would be back very shortly.However power supply was restored to Bolangir town by 11.10pm.Later it was learnt that there was problem near Burla and the entire Bolangir and Sonepur district was in darkness

Due to water shortage the Hydro electric power generation from Hirakud has declined and a minimum of 4-5hours of power cut has been declared
There was no electricity and there was darkness, by this time the Moon was moving in the sky freely -- suddenly it was engulfed by Black clouds.

I tried to capture these moment through my camera.Presenting the pictures for viewing of all
Sudhir Mishra/Pioneer/Bolangir 

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