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The hide and seek By Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir 14th May2014

The hide and seek
Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir 14th May2014
As the denizens of Bolangir town  were sweltering due to heat of summer and feeling restless and trying to seek refuge in “cooler/ACs” suddenly there ordeal increased further as the supply to town tripped and the entire town was without  tonight( Tuesday9.30pm13thMarch2014)for around three hours and effort to contact the electric authorities to know about the situation  was not possible as it evoked no response and  power supply to Bolangir town resumed after three hours around12.30am(14thMarch2014)
However amidst all this the moon was playing hide and seek in clouds at times hiding in clouds and the next time coming out and giving its cool moonlight to millions of people and the scene was really enchanting.
It is a common to find especially children playing hide and seek in moonlight night in villages and almost all have enjoyed it in our childhood.
Playing the  game of hide and seek in village road in the moonlit night especially  during the summer vacation is most enjoyable and memorable one .As we grew up we don’t find time and preoccupied with our work and  miss it .
However as there was no electricity there was calmness in the surrounding and no noise to disturb the peace. In that placid atmosphere the moon was playing hide and seek and it was  enchanting to watch.  I took few pictures from my Nikon Colopix camera to capture those moments- presenting few pictures

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