Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I.E.T.21271Demonstaration Scented variety paddy yield good result in Bolangir .Sri Baishnab Mishra presenting it toDDA Bolangir M.Mallick 20th May2014 by Sudhir Mishra

Aromatic paddy(demonstration kit) yield good result in Bolangir .
-Bolangir ;The AROMatic paddy I.ET.21271, a demonstration kit variety of paddy,  which was given to farmers in 2013 has yielded good result .Baishnab Mishra, a senior advocate and farmer, who cultivated it  in his land and got an approximately 30quitnalsof per Acre.
I.E.T.21271 is a 150 days highly scented variety crop. The normal yield of highly scented paddy   from one acre of land is7-8quitnals.In this case it is impressive. This paddy was cultivated in line sowing method Sri Baishab Mishra presented a sample of it to the DDA Manoranjan Mallick today. Appreciating his effort and achievement, Sri Mallick revealed that he would present this result  in a meeting schedule to held at CRRI Cuttack tomorrow(21st May2014)

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