Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nirmalhospital Abhiyan inBolangir district headquarter hospital Bolangir.2ndMarch2014

Nirmalhospital Abhiyan in Bolangir.
Bolangir ;Members of district development council led by Satyamishra and Rabipujhari  Panchyajanyapanda and pothers today took out a Nirmal Hospital Abhiyan in the district head quarter hospital and cleaned various parts of district hospital  here. They were supported by members of Bolangir Action committee led by Gopalji Panigrahi and others.
 CDMO Bolangir DrBikrantKindo Welcomed the Nirmal hospital Abhiyan.
Will the hospital cleaning staff would perform their duties more effectively in making hospital a clean and safe  one?
Moreover it is to be seen how long this nirmal hospitalAbhiyaan would continue ? The waste disposal unit is not  functioning properly.Garbage are found littered before the house and it is even littered in the road side of that house   Will this  Abhiyaan fade out from the scene after initial enthusiasm says after for few  months.Will it continue
 for years ?We have to wait and see the situation.time will say further. 
===============================pictures taken on 2ndMarch20141) 
(garbage littered before bio medical waste management unit)
Patients lying on the floor..

CDMO talking with---
Choked drain)
Parthnium weeds 

Cleaning process--

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