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Contesting candidate chants mantra of "development" in Bolangir.Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir 23rd March2014

Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir 
23rd March2014
Contesting candidate chants mantra of "development" in Bolangir.
LOOK NOTA option,if you donot find contesting candidate suitable
Barely 17 days remain for the date of elections(10thAPril2014-) in the first phase of polling and candidates from all political parties are trying to woo votes with promise to bring development in the area.
Each and every contesting candidate are expressing concern for the areas backwardness and promise to solve the problem which has been going on since last four to five decades.
The moot point is -why they were silent in the rest of the years and why no concerted effort was made to ensure the development of this region.
From my own experience, I would like to mention here that no "effective steps were taken for solving the major problem s ofBolangir like Distress Migration, better healthcare ,assured irrigation, setting up industry especially Agro industry and many other agriculture issues, besides others including improvement in telecommunication, Railway ,road communication.
One interesting thing that was noticed in 2014-that a lot of announcement like setting up Bolangir medical college, free land to Khurdha Bolangir railway line, and drinking water to Bolangir town and other issues like Lower Suktel irrigation project (which was kicked up in 2013April amidst protest from villagers there) just a month ago before announcement of elections which indicted that government was aware of all these issues and made announcement to boost its image.
In parliamentary political parties through its elected representative ensure development of that area. But the state of political parties here are mostly one man show and not a single political parties carried out its activity to strengthen party workers/mechanism in rural area .Only thing they "executed" some statewide protest/demonstration which is “inadequate” to galvanize the party to function properly and fight election.
So with Less preparedness “all-political" parties are gearing up themselves to fight the final battle going to take place on 10thApril.all most all political parties are expecting to overcome the election on their respective party symbol, leaders and their personality and performance.
So long as this type of situation prevails it would never helpful to solve problems of this area. Leaders have promised a lot to voters of Bolangir and simply forget for five years to remember those problems again?
Before going to vote think properly and elect the responsible representative who would bring "development in that area "and trustworthy too.and do not lured/swayed by their promise..In case you don't like any of the contesting candidatethere is a option called NONE of the ABOVE(NOTA) in this election , utilize it. ==============================================

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