Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AAM Admi Party candidate in Bolangir MPand Assembly segment26th March2014Bolangir

26th March2014
AAM Admi Party candidate in Bolangir MPand Assembly segment
Bolangir ;The AAM Admi Party has fielded two women candidates inBolangir. SMt Saraswati Nanda as its MP candidate from Bolangir LokSabha seat. Smt Sangita Majhi for Bolangir Assembly segment.

Besides this Aam Admi Party has fielded Sri Ajaya Das from Kantabani and Sri Sunil Goyal from Patnagarh .
Addressing media, Both the candidates in a today expressed their confidence and commitment to work for the development of Bolangir and they read out their resolution .We are going to fight out the big forces with determination Says SaraswatiNanda.AAP Parliament candidate
Women represent the power and as a women  I would strive for development of Bolangir.A  grievance redresal cell has been opened and my endeavor to provide justice to people would continue says The AAM Adami party candidate for Bolangir Assembly constituency Smt Sangita Majhi


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