Monday, May 14, 2012

Monsanto to promote maize on 6,500 ha

 Bhubaneswar Monsanto to promote maize on 6,500 ha
MONDAY, 14 MAY 2012 23:49
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After remaining out of maize cultivation in Odisha for one year, Monsanto, a multinational company, will return this year with a view to promote hybrid maize cultivation.
According to sources, the Government of Odisha this year has targeted to take up maize cultivation in 50,500 hectares in 19 districts in public private partnership (PPP) mode under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY). Besides other seed companies, Monsanto alone is going to take up maize cultivation in 6, 500 hectares in Jajpur, Nayagarh, Angul, Kandhmal, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhor, Dhenkanal and Balangir.
This year in Balangir district, we have targeted to take up maize cultivation in 3,000 hectares under PPP mode and a total of five seed companies have been selected by the Government to supply seeds to the farmers. The companies are Monsanto, Ganga, Cauvery Seed, Sri Ram Bio Seeds, UPL Advanta and Sansar Agro PVT Limited, informed Deputy Director of Agriculture (DDA) Manoranjan Mallick.
Two varieties of seeds — Double and Prabal are mostly promoted by Monsato. As per the provisions, the farmers will purchase seeds from authorized seed dealers and after production of valid receipts; the Agriculture Department will supply them agriculture inputs, including fertiliser and micronutrients.
NGOs have been involved in the process, which will motivate farmers, facilitate selection of beneficiary, besides assigning other stipulated jobs to them. The framers would be given an administrative charge of Rs 250 per hectare.
According to sources, the seed companies are supposed to organise training once per 100 hectares. Moreover, they are also supposed to organise a field day in 300 hectares during harvest time involving the farmers and non farmers. The seed company should put a flexi board/signboard indicating project name, name of the hybrid seed beneficiary and period of sowing and total beneficiary in the promoted filed. After the harvest, the seed companies should also facilitate the marketing of produce not below the Minimum Support Price (MSP). In 2010, the maize cultivation was taken up in 2, 250 hectares in the district. However, in 2011, although it was targeted to take up in 3, 000 hectares, due to delay in supply of seeds and drought, it could be cultivated in 1, 038 hectares only. This year we have targeted to take up in 3000 hectares, informed an agriculture official.

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