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BHUBANESWAR | Monday, July 5, 2010 | Email | Print | | Back Balangir launches special campaign to boost maize production Sudhir Mishra | Balangir

Dear all
I enclose a news published in the Pioneer(Bhubneshwar edition ) on maize cultivation in Balangir, Odisha for your perusal

BHUBANESWAR | Monday, July 5, 2010 | Email | Print | | Back
Balangir launches special campaign to boost maize production
Sudhir Mishra | Balangir
With a special drive under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) assisted by Monsanto
India under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, the maize production in the district is all
set to get a boost.
The special drive has been taken up in 2,250 hectares of land in the district this year.
Maize is a 100-110-day duration crop grown in well-drained sandy soil and Attland. The crop,
cultivated in the Kharif season, is sown in June and cultivated mostly in Degoan, Saintala,
Muribahal, Titiligarh, Patnagarh, Khaprakhol and Belpada blocks.
Maize crop is being promoted as a cash crop in view of a large number of poultry farms located
here in the district besides the local consumption and other purposes.
The Mosanto India Company will provide extension support like training to farmers, field
demonstration and exposure visits.
The Government is providing a financial assistance of Rs 4,000 besides seeds.
To boost the maize production, two varieties Double and Prabal, developed by Monsanto, are
being used which can give productivity of 40 quintals per hectare, informs an agriculture official.
The Deputy Director of Agriculture (DDA) in capacity of Project Director of Agriculture
Technology and Management Agency (ATMA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU)
on behalf of the State Government with the company.
The earlier production of maize in the district was less in the absence of ‘improved practices’,
which includes better soil preparation, use of hybrid seed, better use of fertilisers.
The farmers were cultivating composite variety and production was around 13 quintals per
With better field monitoring, training, exposure, use of hybrid seed and applications of proper
fertiliser dose, we are expecting the maize production to go up to 20 quintals per hectare this
year, informed the agriculture official.
However, it has a potential of yielding 40 quintals per hectare, the official added.
Maize cultivation under the special drive has been taken up in three GPs Upperjhar, Mahalei
and Mukundpur of Degaon block.
So far, in 60 hectares of the targeted 400 hectares has been taken, informed Assistant
Agriculture Officer Jagabandhu Putel over phone.
The special drive is scheduled to be taken up in 600 hectares in Saintala block, the official
sources said.
Balangir has a large market for maize besides local consumption in view of concentration of a
large number of poultry firms.
As per a rough estimate, around 1,90,000 eggs are produced in Balangir district daily.
Moreover, the Monsanto Company has also assured to purchase the product and a nodal officer
has been appointed to look in the cultivation of maize under this programme.

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