Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bargarh minor held captive by brick kiln owner

SUNDAY, 27 MAY 2012 23:01
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In a shocking incident, a minor of Semelgudi village under Gaisilet police station of Bargarh district has been detained by a brick kiln owner in Tamil Nadu.
As many as 22 persons from four households of the village had migrated to work in Shiva Shakti brick kiln in Erode district of Tamil Nadu in December last year through a Sardar (middleman) of Titilagarh. The middleman had given each family an advance of Rs 10,000 before taking them to Tamil Nadu.
After working for four months when the migrant labourers wanted to return home and demanded their money, the owner said that each family owed a debt of Rs 21, 730 to him and hence they would be let off only after they repaid it.  However, the labourers maintained that they had made around 88, 100 bricks for which each family must get Rs 11,070 after deduction of the advance money.
Later, with some agreement, the labourers were allowed to come back to their home in first week of May. But, the brick kiln owner kept Japa with him on condition that he would be released only if his father, who was a labourer in the kiln, repaid his debt. After returning home, Japa’s father could not arrange the money and finally brought the incident to the notice of the members of Debadutta Club and Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam at Padampur.
“We have appraised ADM Srinibas Kabi about the whole incident on Monday last, who spoke to the District Labour Officer and Superintendent of Police, Baragarh on the issue. He assured us to take step for the release of the child,” informed Kanhu Charan Majhi of Debadutta Club.
Meanwhile, Nehru Sahu, father of Japa, has appealed to the district administration of Baragarh and other agencies to rescue his child from the brick kiln owner.

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