Saturday, April 5, 2014

Remove Congress and savethenation ;Narendra Modi at Bolangir rally 4thApril2014. By SudhirMishra/Bolangir.

Remove Congress and savethenation; Narendra Modi 
Modi criticize congress and urge voters to reject Congress.
(Give us me 60 months to bring us change.Narendra Modi
criticizes BJD govt at Odisha and urge voters to remove thegovt.
Modi described BJD govt " as Nikamma Govt"(inefficient/non-functioning govt)
Bolangir ;The star campaigner of BharatiyaJanta Party (BJP) and prime ministerial candidate Sri Narendra Modi ,  urged people, to elect the BJP at Centre and State by removing the Congress party  from power which is Anti- Poor and against the development of this region while addressing an election rally today at Bolangir.

In the last 60 years Congress have ruled  the Nation maximum time and a large number of corruption scandals have emerged  during this time and the Congress has never tried sincerely for development of this region,Says Modi
“During the  Narshimma Rao Govt   KBK plan was made to accelerate development process and make life better and AtalBehari Bajpayee government took it further But after the return of SoniaGandhi to power funds allocation to KBK programme was curtailed and when MPs from this region protested the PM reportedly remarked” money does not grow in tree .
A government which is against the development of this region should be removed,” Modi said further

In 2009 congress promised to remove inflation/price rise  in100 days of coming to power However after coming to power inflation increased further. A party which makes mistakes can be excused but when betrayed shouldn't be excused and people should remove him by voting.

Youths are migrating from this region to work in Surat and mainly due to lack of opportunity, infrastructure, absence of irrigation and water crisis.If we can provide water to Kutch area with huge pipe and by optimum utilization of water it is exporting fruits, Why this region is facing water scarcity

This is because these governments have taken the voters granted as they will definitely vote for theme even if they donot like. Time has come for change such government for betterment of this area.Modi saysfurther .Only a change in attitude change this area Modi observed further.A complacent government  should be changed with government accountable.

In the last 60 years congress have ruled  the nation and large number of corruption has come out rather than development .Giveme60months and see the result says Modi further.

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