Saturday, April 5, 2014

DETHRONE NIKAMMI NAVEEN GOVT: MODI Saturday, 05 April 2014 | PNS | BALANGIR/ROURKELA news in the Pioneer.

Saturday, 05 April 2014 | PNS | BALANGIR/ROURKELA
In his strongest-ever attack on Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Friday described the State’s BJD Government as ‘nikammi’ (useless) and asked the people to throw it out in this election.
“This Government has taken you for granted. It thinks it has the people of Odisha in its pocket. It believes you will continue to vote for it whether it is does anything for you or not. I am surprised how you have been tolerating such a Government for 14 years,” Modi said, addressing a BJP election rally at Balangir.
The Gujarat Chief Minister taunted his Odisha counterpart, saying Naveen, along with four of his Ministerial colleagues, can drive by a Maruti car through the pipeline that the Gujarat Government has built to supply water to the parched Kutch region.
“And see what your Government has done here! You have all the water sources, but people here do not get drinking water!” Modi exclaimed.Among others, BJP State president KV Singh Deo, Balangir BJP MP candidate Sangeeta Singh Deo and party MLA candidates of the district including Balangir Sadar’s Basu Pati also spoke on this occasion.
Later, addressing a huge gathering at the Sector-13 Air Strip Ground at Rourkela, Modi urged people to throw out the Congress from power at the Centre. He charged the Congress with corruption, destruction of economy, price rise and messing with the nation’s foreign policy. He urged people to give him 60 months so that he can correct the mistakes committed in the country during the last 60 years. 
Modi said not a single pie has been spent so far from the Nirvaya fund. Rather, women atrocities in country are on the rise with Odisha in the forefront.At this rally, the last of the three he addressed in western Odisha on the day, Modi reiterated his view that the Naveen Government is “nikammi” and wondered how the Odisha people have been tolerating such a Government for 14 long years.
“Naveen babu, your days are over now,” Modi remarked.Despite being rich in minerals and other natural resources, Odisha is the country’s poorest State and its people are migrating to other States, including Gujarat, to seek jobs, Modi pointed out, adding that without any mineral resource Gujarat is a developed State. There is every opportunity to make Odisha the country’s number one State, which would only be possible if the BJP comes to power here, he asserted.
Referring to a local issue, Modi criticised the decision of establishing the proposed ESIC Medical College and Hospital in Bhubaneswar against the interest of the working class of Rourkela in particular and western Odisha in general. Among others, Sundargarh MP candidate Jual Oram, all seven MLA candidates of the district including Dilip Ray of Rourkela shared the dais with Modi.


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