Thursday, October 17, 2013

The tradition of Gorus thipa (pouring of milk ) in paddy filed. by SudhirMishra/16October2013

The tradition of Gorus thipa (pouring of milk ) in paddy filed.
Decline in availability of Kancha Gorus(raw milk) in Rural areas due to depletion of cow.
Balangir;Milk is one of the most nutritious items we get from the cow, is considered as pious item,  offered to all God /Goddess in pujas other rituals. It is offered to lord Shiv and other God/Goddes.
Rudrabhishek with milk is considered as one of the easiest way to please Lord Shiva. But Gorus thipa( pouring of Raw Milk) in paddy field appears to be little surprising for many today’s youngsters.
 Today’s youngstar think of cultivation by leveling filed and sowing seed and other process and it is harvested.
However farmers of this region looks the paddy as gift of mother goddess to human being .They offer their respect to mother goddess first. The sowing of seed in the field starts  on the day  of Akshya Tritiya after due worshipping to mother earth. Seed and the animals are also worshipped during the entire cultivation season.
When the paddy is ripened the farmer did not rush to his filed to cut and harvest the paddy.
Rather, the day he would harvest the paddy with a sickle , first he would pour “raw milk/fresh milk collected from a cow in the field as mark of respect and gratitude to mother Earth for giving the crop.
Thereafter the head of the family would cut few and then labourer would start in cutting with sickle. In case, the women member in the farmer’s family  undergoing menstruation period, rather than going to cut the paddy  ,some other person would do that puja and harvesting would start.
When the paddy ladden inPura( a circular traditional items made of straw to store paddy)in bullock cart arrives in the house, it is worshipped as Goddes Laxmi has arrived and then kept  inside the house with utmost care and  regards by farmers.
Earlier there were plenty of cows in the rural areas and people would collect raw gorus from cow and pour it  in their field and used to harvest. Now a day’s villagers have to move house to house to collect Kancha gorus(Raw/fresh collected milk from cow ) to pour in the field. This reflects the  less number of cow in the rural areas too.
Our forefathers  had developed the customs of treating  land/soil/animal paddy and  respected mother earth and they would thank her for every stageand worship. We should treat mother earth with respect, take care of our animals (cow/bullock ),preserve our seed(desi paddy and other crop/pulses/minor millets) to get better crop and to reduce  the dependence on company seeds.


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