Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cyclone Phaline and its impact on agriculture(Paddy cultivation in Middle land-Bernna) in Balangir;BySudhirMishra

Ballangir 13october2013
The district administration had  geared up its machinery and put them on readiness to deal with situation.A few puja pandals of the town which sustained damages and fallen tree branches, due to cyclone, in the town were removed by municipality staff.
Citizens of Balangir had to face the ordeal of power cuts since midnights of night, besides strong wind and rain in the night. There was rain in today’s morning in Bolangir town and elsewhere.

According to official sources a total of 60mmrainfall was recorded in Balangir.This rainfall is going to affect the paddy  farmers of the district further.  

There are three types of agriculture land Att(Upland) Mal/Bernna(middle type) and Bahal (Low land)found in the district .Bahal land is the most fertile land.

Those farmers who cultivated paddy in Bernnna land, it has  already ripened and farmers needed   few sunny days to harvest and keep the  paddy in the Khala for post harvest activity like thrashing, winnowing and others. A Khalaa is small patches of  circular land  is prepared by clearing a small circular land  and which is cleaned  it with cow dung and efforts are made to the Khala  free from pebble/small stone .

The farmers  are at a loss as the ripen paddy crop has become wet and the ground to keep their paddy(Khala) become also wet.

As there is no dry and open space(Like Khala) to keep the wet paddy is available,  farmers are at a loss what to do.As the  ground  has become wet ,the farmers  cannot store it  there, leaving the ripen paddy to  damage further.
Balangir;According to agricultural office sources paddy crop in 35,000hectaresin Balangir district have been affected. Moreover Cotton crop in 4638hectreas have also  been affected in the recent rain due to cyclone Phailin

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