Sunday, August 14, 2016

(12th August )is the WORLD Elephant day;Save forest Save wildlife Save Elephant

Today (12th August )is the WORLD Elephant day
This day is being observed since 2012 the "preservation and protection of elephant "all over the world. 
Elephant population in India ,Asia and Africa has been threatened due to poaching ,loss of habitat and killing and illegal ivory trade.
Although India has a good number of elephants population, yet they have been killed by poachers. Their habitat has been destroyed due to deforestation, mining and other development activities.
Every year many elephants are killed /dying due to above mentioned reasons.
Time has come to save elephants from being further endangered and being killed.
Let us contribute one's best to generate awareness among masses about protection of elephants to save  their habitat and to save  them from poachers..
Save forest
Save wildlife
Save Elephant

Speaking at the observation of International day for Elephant in village Bandhpada ,a border village of Bolangir and Sonepur district, which is frequently visited by elephants from nearby district 
Stressed on the need for conservation of forest, saving habitat ,and sought people coperation to save elephants and forest for betterment of mankind

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