Friday, June 6, 2014

Trace out andtake steps to release the Missing 54 Indian POW (Prisoner of War )s in Pakistan . By Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir

Trace out the The Missing 54 Indian POW (Prisoner of War )s in Pakistan 
Release of Indians Prisoners of War Languishing in Pakistan Jail
Urged Indian Prime Minister to intervene
6 thJune2014
Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir
With the swearing ceremony of Narendra Modi as  Prime Minister of India was completed in the presence president and prime minister of SAARC countries including Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif ,completed successfully and in style and fanfareon 26thMay,2014 ,many hoped that it would herald a new chapter in the Indo -Pakistan relation .
With improve relation, it wouldalso bring relief   to 54Prisoners ofWar languisinhinginJailof PakistanSincelast 35yearsevenmore
According to the  group The Missing 54 Indian POWs in Pakistan on FACE Book – at least 54 Indian  Prisoners of War(POW) are languishing in Pakistan jail since last more than 35years

According to the group, then External Affairs Minister late Samrendra Kundu submitted a list of40 Indian Prisoner of War in the Lok Sabha in 1979  who are languishing in jail ,in reply to unstarred question 6803 raised by Amarsingh Pathawa.– The Initial list consisted of 40 names which later on expanded to 54.
Who knows how many of them are alive and even if they are alive they would be in what situation /condition, apprehend, the members of The Missing 54 Indian POW (Prisoner of War )s in Pakistan  group
We appeal to the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi to take up the issue of 54 POW who are in Languishing in Pakistani Jail , with Pak Prime minister get them released  as early as possible ,says the Devinder Sethi along with other members of the group  


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