Friday, June 20, 2014

A year passed away in the meanwhile---By Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir 21June 2014

A year passed away in the meanwhile---
There is a saying in English-Time and tides waits for none-It continues to march ahead.It has been going on since ages/time immemorial.
On 3rd July2013 my father Sri Radhacharan Mishra passed away suddenly -He wasquite hale andhearty .
In the meanwhile a year passed away -It seemed to be a event of yesterday --
He struggled a lot to build our career - We missed him a lot ---
As per the Tithi (not English date ) his first death anniversary is going to be observed on 22nd July with rituals and a small get together among our relatives and close friends (see the picture of my father 

===========One of the favorites quotes/saying of my father--==========================

Sakal paile Ramachandr BanbasGala--(explaining its meaning.)
Lord Ramchandra was scheduled to be King of Ayoydhya --but the curious/unexpected developments in the night -forced him to go for forest for 14 years ---Nobody had expected that-- He used to quote this when we would say we will do it later/tomorrow -citing this.Nobody has seen the future-nobody know what would going to happen in future-better -do thing promptly --use the present---not the future which is uncertain

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