Friday, September 4, 2015

CROP INSURANCE DEADLINE EXTENDED UPTO 15TH SEPTEMBER 2015;By SudhirMishra/Bolangir 4thSeptember 2015

4thSeptember 2015
Bolangir The deadline for Crop Insurance for farmers has been extended upto 15th September, by Central Government.
This year due to inadequate and erratic rainfall in Bolangir district drought like situation has arisen in the district. In many places of the district transplanting and beushining  has not been taken place and a total of 45-50%paddy crop have been affected due to impact of drought/drought  like situation in the district , says District Agriculture Officer(DAO) Bolangir Sri Ramchandra Naik to mediamen on here today.

I have got this information few minutes ago(time around 1pm today ) that the Central Government has extended the crop insurance date line upto15 September. Those farmers who have not  insurance coverage, they should take proper steps to get their crop insured before the deadline says District Agriculture Officer(DAO) Bolangir, Sri Ramchandra Naik to mediamen on here today(on 4thSeptember,2015)
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