Sunday, November 30, 2014

THE rising Sun; By Sudhir Mishra Balangir,was selected as one of the best photographs in one of the groups on FaceBook -CLICKS

Dear all
One of my photographs in the Contest in Click ,( a group on FB) was selected as the best one ,besides five others and the them was on Sunrise/Sunset .The contest was held on 29/30 November ,2014
I enclose the selected photograph for your viewing
======================================(Biswajit NayakCLICKS
Giuseppe Godone, Dominique Lejeune, Bimal Soni, Abhas Sahu for theme#2……!! All of your contributed photos are chosen for Super Click of the week on Double Trap Click Contest…!! And also thanks to all our friends, who has participated in Double Trap Click Contest…!!)

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