Thursday, July 20, 2017

A fire broke out in Arundhati Jewellers in Bolangir.

20th July2017 
A fire broke out in Arundhati Jewellers in Bolangir.
Big Generator located outside shop  and reception counter cum-office damaged
The shop had no fire safety clearance certificate.
Poor maintenance of generator resulted in the breakout of fire.
Exact amount of loss would be known later
Even as the monsoon clouds are hovering over the sky of Bolangir today morning indicating the arrival of rainfall, in an unexpected incident, the generator and a portion of office of Arundhati  Jewellers located near  Durga Mandir in Bolangir-Sambalpur road caught fire today morning.
The fire was contained after fighting for 25minutes quickly.The generator located outside the shop and the reception counter cum office of Jewellery shop was damaged.
We got a call that there was a fire incident at Arundhati Jewellers. We rushed to spot. The power supply was stopped and we started the operation.However, as the generator was in Auto mode it started fire.Again it was controlled. Preliminary investigation indicates the fire was started due to poor maintenance of generator located before the shop. The lack of proper maintenance of generator led to short-circuit and resulted in the outbreak of fire. The Jewellery shop had not obtained fire safety clearance Bolangir district fire office, says in charge District Fire officer Abani Kumar Swain.
Not a single shop/mall, business establishment has not obtained fire safety certificate from district fire office says Swain further.
The exact cause of fire and extent of damage could be known only after investigation Swain says further.

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