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Two years ago I had written this article.posting again for perusa lof all Onion at 60 By SudhirMishra/Bolangir.(11thSeptember2013)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Onion at 60 By SudhirMishra/Bolangir.11thSeptember2013

Onion at 60

Balangir; 60 is a quite substantive and satisfactory number by any yardstick. In common parlance anyone who brought 60 or 60%is considered to have brought a first class a good satisfactory standard.

But when the price of any daily consumable goods touches 60rupees per kilogram  it became unbearable and the impression of satisfactory thing turns out to a nagging painful and bitter one for common people.

Take the case of Onion. Onion was used by millions of people including Odiyas  since longtime.  The  people of Odisha used to consume piyaj (onion) with Pakhal (watery rice)or either in  their daily launch and dinner.

Although Onion which has a lot of medicinal properties and contains vitamins, irons is not liked by many for its pungent smell. And for few decades it was less used by all and only a category of people used extensively. 

However as its anti -heat stroke capabilities were published and propagated in mass media and TVs its acceptability regained further.

Produced in the early February –to April, this perishable goods cost a little more  in rainy season than summer very often hit hard the  customer –themidle class most. However this year the price of onion crossed all limit with price of per KG onions raised from rupees 32to 40 to52 to 60rupees per KG now.

I have to purchase it as I am cooking meat to observe ChhadKhai and we are two persons staying .I cannot afford to purchase more. Already the single piece of onion has cost me rupees 10 says worried customerwho purchased it from a shopkeeper today morning.

Today a child came to purchase onion and four onions weighed250gramsand its cost was 15rupees.Before delivering it, I told the child to inform this to his parents and then purchase, least the parent may complain of cheating informs a shopkeeper.

Apparently, unsatisfied with the quantum of onion for rupees 15, thechild did not return, adds the shopkeeper.

While the salaried class people are hardly affected by rising prices and purchasing it with less difficulty, it is the working and lower middleclass are feeling the punchofrising price of onions.

Since last two months we have not consumed onions. We cannot afford consuming it at such high price. But to cook meet I am purchasing 250gramsonly today informs another customer.

Ironically Bolangir district produces a large quantity of  onions but thanks to inadequate storage space, forcing  onion farmers to go for distress sale and  People of Bolangir have to purchase  Onion at such high prices as it  had to be brought from Outside state namely from Nasik, Maharashtra.

This year there has been a drought in Maharashtra affecting its production, besides the hoarding and other irregularities Prices of Onions has increased high and common man and poor especially the lower middle class are suffering the worst.

With no sign of fresh arrival of onions are near future, it is sure that people are resigned to reel under the impact of high onion price, besides rising price of petrol, and other essential products, making their life a “painful one”
While 60 could be satisfactory for many, but onion at rupees 60 is breaking the backbone of many mostly poor and lower middle working-class— 

NB; while the NUanKhai is observed on Rishi Panhami Day, theday afterGanesh Chaturthi. The Next dayofNuanKhai is observed asCHHADKhai.On this day people consume meat and and enjoy themselves

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