Friday, May 22, 2015

Bonded labourers of West Odisha to move to NHRC to ensure Rehabilitation Assistance.

22nd May2015.
Bonded labourers of West Odisha to move to NHRC to ensure Rehabilitation Assistance.
Bolangir; The rescued and released labourer under the Bonded Labour systems(Abolition and Rehabilitations) Act of 1976,of Western Odisha have resolved to  write to National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, to intervene and ensure  their speedy rehabilitation assistance which has   pending with  government for years.
At the conclusion of two day leadership development training of bonded labourers, in Bolangir it was revealed in the meeting that a total of 572 Bonded labourers of Bolangir,Bargarh,Nuapada Sonepur district are yet to get their rehabilitation assistance.
The total number of Bonded Labour of Bolangir district yet to receive their rehabilitation assistance stands at 372, the number ofBolandedLabour in Nuapda district stands at 102, in Bargarh it stands 102and in Sonepur it stands at 15.
While the rehabilitation of bonded labour has not been completed as the Livelihood plan prepared, more shocking is the non availability of work under the MGNREGA. The non availability of work under MGNREGA would further” increase the distress migration from the district, increasing their vulnerability and subject to exploitation” pointed out the bonded labourers during discussion
All the Bonded labourer has not been “included in NIrman Shramik” (construction Worker”) The amount provided to Bonded labourers as rehabilitation assistance “is woefully inadequate and should be hike to reasonable amount” they pointed out further.
Organised by  Migration  Information Resource Centre, Aide Et Action Bhubneshwar, it was inaugurated by UMI Daniel and SarojBarik,Satyajit,PrasantNayak Dayasagar facilitated  various session of this two days leadership development training which was attended by released Bonded labourers of Bolangir,Bargarh,Nuapada andSonepur district  who shared their ordeal during the  leadership development training.

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