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Jaundice affects 63 in Patnagarh February 1, 2015

Jaundice affects 63 in Patnagarh
  February 1, 2015
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Bolangir, Feb 1: After the outbreak of jaundice in Daspur village, reports have emerged of outbreak of the disease in Patnagarh NAC and nearby areas.
So far, 63 cases of jaundice have been detected and the situation is said to be under control. “We believe that the main reason for jaundice outbreak in Patnagarh area is consumption of contaminated water from Hirabandh (pond), due to which adjacent wards were affected.
Jaundice is a viral disease and the incubation period of the virus is 45-90 days. We believe that the first case of jaundice in Patnagarh area was of a person who had been to Sambalpur,” CDMO Bolangir Dr RN Tripathy said.
Jaundice caused due to Hepatitis E virus claimed many lives in Sambalpur recently. “In Patnagarh, both the Hepatitis A and E viruses have been detected. Both varieties spread through contaminated water,” Tripathy said. “We advise people to drink water after boiling for 15 minutes, and avoid open defecation. Once in the grip of jaundice, we advise people to take rest and take glucose water,” he said.
Although cleaning of Hirabandh and other areas is going on, water supply of Patnagarh town needs thorough overhauling. Water samples from Patnagarh have been collected and sent to Bhubaneswar for examination.

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