Monday, February 27, 2017

Divisional level training of front line staff on control and prevention of forest fire held at Bolangir

Bolangir : 25thFeb2017
A divisional level training of front line staff on control and prevention of forest fire held at Bolangir today. Attended by VSS members of Bolangir, Saintala, Deo gaon and of Loisingha forest Range ,forest guards, forester and Ranger officer of Bolangir, Loisingha Saintala and Deo gaon range, the interactive session deliberated on how to PREVENT the occurrence of forest fire and how to fight it.

The government has attached topmost priority to tackle forest fire and it is being monitored daily through input from satellite. He called upon forest official/ to  remain alert and respond quickly in the event of fire incident  opined DFO Bolangir Sri Rashmi Ranjan Naik. 

The Vana Surakshya members participating in the discussion demanded creation of more fire line area ,more manpower to tackle forest fire, creation of more water bodies inside and near the forest to provide water to animals and douse fore,more equipment and a designated official to deal with forest fire, better sensitization of Mahua collectors to dissuade them from leaving unattended the fire set to collect  mahul and to check the alleged setting up fire by Munshi of Kendu Leaf department. 
Forest fire causes extensive damage to topsoil layer of earth which has lot of eco friendly insect. Once that is damaged,  soil fertility is lost and top soil is also washed way in rain causing  more flood .More over many precious useful herbs which keep villagers healthy are also lost . All out effort should to made to check occurrence of forest fire ,says Pioneer Bolangir correspondent and Honorary wildlife warden Sri Sudhir Mishra.

District Fire Officer Abani Swain displayed the newly arrived fire suits with  that a person  can fight forest fire for one hour.Healso  gave the number of fire Officer located at black level and told them to contact in the event of fire. 

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