Wednesday, January 6, 2016

489children out of 539missing children of Bolangir district traced so far, under Operation Smile;BolangirSP Dr Deepak Kumar

6th January,2016.
489children out of 539missing children  of Bolangir district traced so far, under Operation Smile
49children are still missing.
A team would go to TamilNadu to traceout the  children next fortnight-BolangirSPDeepakKumar
Bolangir; A total of 489 children, out of 539missing children   were traced out and 49 children are missing and effort are on to trace these 49 children  says Superintendent of Police(SP) Bolangir  Dr.DeepakKumar. 

Operation Smile 1 was launched in2014and a total of 539children from Bolangir were missing from the district. Due to dedicated efforts ofBolangir police,489children were tracedout .The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked all the state to launch Operation Smile-2.from first January to 31sJanuary2015.A total of 49children are missing from Bolangir district says BolangirSP DrDeepak Kumar further.
To trace out  these 49children a dedicated team has been formed under Inspector of  Anti human trafficking unit, which is making all out effort to trace these children.As a first step, all the childcare institutions of the district are being enquired into to know the presence of any missing child from any place across India and in the second phase a team of officials will go to TamilNadu to trace out the missing child of not only of this district but also of the state BolangirSP Deepak Kumar says further.

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