Monday, August 4, 2014

Declare Harishankar,Gandhmardarn forest range, a polythene free zone; Gandhmardarn Surakshya Action Committee.(GSAC)

Declare Harishankar,Gandhmardarn forest range, a  polythene free zone;  Gandhmardarn Surakshya Action Committee.(GSAC)
Bolangir ;2ndAugust2014. The Harishankar temple located in the Gandhmardan hills be made polythene free, to save the ecosystem of Harashiankar andGandhmardarn forest from further deteoriation.
Every days hundreds of visitors’ are visiting Harishankar temple and after visiting they threw polythenebags, liquor bottles and other items here and there, polluting the atmosphere, points out President ofGandhmardarnSurakshyaAction Committee,Sri  TikendraJal
Everyday around 1500people are taking the Bhog(launch) atHarishankar temple and Leaf plates (Khali) with ploythene andCup (dana in odiya) are  used.According to our conservative estimate a total of 2000Khali(leaf plates coated with plastic ) and6000 dana(cup) are used ,Jal points out further
The use of the polythene coated leaf plates and Cup(Dana) should be stopped ,to make Harishankar inGandhmardan a polythene free Zone.Says president of  Gandhmardarn SurakshyaAction Committee(GSAC)  Tikendra Jal
Rather, than polythene coated leaf-plate   the Khali prepared by local SHG groups from locally available Siial leaves, should be used which is eco-friendly and would provide livelihood support to rural SHGwomen and other members of village area,  Jal  explains and opines further
We have formed SHG in eight villages of NandupalaGPs and the SHGs are ready to provide the total number of Siialil leaf  plate and cup to Harishankar Mandir(Temple)  very day .Moreover we also urge the Hotels/Shops adjacent to Harishankar to stop selling of items in  polythene and use traditional item, Jal says further.
We have submitted a petition to district administration in this regard Jal say further.

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