Thursday, August 21, 2014

C J Venugopal(Kalyan Gram yojana) IAS is the new Principal Secretary Home, Odisha.CJVenugopal was collector of Bolangir 1994-96

 C J Venugopal IAS is the new  Principal Secretary Home, Odisha.CJVenugopal was collector of Bolangir 1994-96.During his tenure he initiated a lot of development schemes like Kalyangram yojana,to boost literacy, immunisation,family planning, forest preservation and another aspect which ensured holistic development of a village.
The Kalyan gram Yojana was basically a convergence of many schemes to ensure holistic development of that village 
And as the collector was directly monitoring the scheme and visited the far flung village of Bolangir district  , the subordinate officials also get involved. The felt need of rural people like a road connectivity ,pond to solve drinking water problem and others were get solved due to direct intervention by Collector.As the collector was monitoring  personally  there was less chance of corruption people. Even the then Governorof Odisha.B.SatyanaraynReddy inaugurated Kalyangram yojana at Ratanpur .His concept was appreciated by then visiting official of WorldBank and the various training institute.After his departure, his concept of Kalyan Gram was given a decent  burial.During his tenure ,the first army recruitment rally was held at Bolangir in 1995 and he took initiative to start  District Primary Education Programme(DPEP) in the district.While he was in Bolangir He was young ,amicable/affable and soft spoken.   

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