Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thanks to the Dense FOG,: Fog facilitates the rescue of baby elephant in Bolangir. By;Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir

Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir

Thanks to the Dense FOG, ,
Fog facilitates the rescue  of baby elephant in Bolangir.

Bolangir; It is a common incident to find dense fog in the morning continues till  8am and even 9am in the morning and the visibility becomes less on the road creating difficulty for the motorist, commuters and general public moving on the road.

A few days ago due to dense fog condition in New Delhi, resulted in the accident of many vehicles injuring many people.

However, in a sharp contrast, the dense fog helped the rescue of a baby elephant fallen in a well in a paddy field in Keseipali village of Bolangir district by the elephants themselves, has brought relief to local villagers, forest official and the animals-Jumbos too.

According to reports, a baby elephant which fell inside the well of a field near village Keseipali near Chelia Reserve forest in Loisingha range on Thursday morning was rescued by fellow elephants and they took him into Chelia Reserve forest

According to sources today morning the elephant's squad member of Loisingha Forest Range came to know about the incident of a baby elephant fallen inside the well.When the elephant squad member tried to go near the spot of the incident, they were chased by the elephants.

Apparently, the elephants while trying cross from one side of paddy field to other paddy fields, the baby elephant slipped from the bund(side/ Locally calledADDI)and fell there. The elephant is a social animal and always found to “live/stay in the group” and they would not leave anyone from their group and the elephant try their best to rescue anyone falls in any deep place/well/pond.

There was dense fog in today morning in that village. This helped the elephants to carry out their rescued operation for long time. The well had water full to its capacity. As there was full water in the well, both the elephants damaged the stone wall of the well and rescued the baby elephant from thereby their trunk and took him into nearby Chelia Reserve Forest.

Had there been day light by that time, it would have brought a lot of tension for local people, forest official and the animals too. Normally the elephant would not move out in day time. During day time crowd and village people would have gathered around the spot to see elephant and forest official would have to move from pillar to post to rescue the elephant,, besides crowd  controlling.
However thanks to the dense fog, the elephants could carry out their attempt to rescue the baby from the well and took him into reserve forest. All this happened “Thanks to the dense fog”.(photograph shows how elephant damaged the  well )

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