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STOP REDUCTION OF PADDY IN NAME OF FAQ’ Thursday, 29 December 2016 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Thursday, 29 December 2016 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Members of the Balangir Zilla Krushak Surakshya Sangathan led by its president Arun Mishra in a memorandum to the district administration has demanded an end to deduction of paddy of farmers in the name of Katni.
It has been a quite common affair in the mandis (paddy procurement centres) operated by Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society to deduct at least five kg of paddy per quintal of the farmers in the name of Fair Average Quality (FAQ). In some mandis, the deduction per quintal is as high as 10 kg to 15kg.
As a result farmers are facing loss and resorting to distress sale of paddy.
In view of good paddy production this year in the district, the limit of selling of 12 quintal paddy per acre should be raised to 14 quintal, demanded the Sangathan in the memorandum.
The district administration should take action against those persons purchasing paddy from farmers below the declared minimum support price (MSP), demanded the Sangathan further.
Moreover, the paddy procurement policy should be decided at district level keeping in view of the crop cutting report of the district.
The district administration should take necessary steps to ensure work and livelihood for the poor labourers who couldn’t get work due to effect of demonitisition in the forthcoming Rabi season. The Centre should approve the demand of Odisha Government to declare the enhanced MSP for paddy, demanded the memorandum.
Moreover, in the recent demonitisition process as agricultural labourers, farmers and other unorganised sector labourers were mostly affected, special compensatory measures be taken for them and the weekly withdrawal limit from the banks should be raised to Rs 50,000, demanded the Sangathan.

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