Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sulia jatra is going to be held on 3rd January next .(3rd January2017)

9th December2016
Sulia jatra is going to be held on 3rd January next .(3rd January2017)
Animal killing would take place this year too;
This year Sulia Jatra would be held on 3rd January next(2017) and it would be observed at on first Tuesday Hindu calendar month of Pausha  at Khairguda in Kultapda panchyat of Deogan Block of in the district 20km from here.

Every year Sulia Jatra is held on the first Tuesday of Pausa month by the tribal. The worshipping of SuliaBudha at the top of Sulia Dangar( small mountain) has been  going on since more than  hundred years ago,says secretary of Zilla Adivasi KalyanSangha Sri NiranjanBisi

According to legend, in earlier times,(earlier) the Sulia Puja was observed at the top of mountain. Once the priest forget to bring one of the puja pot. When the priest went to bring the pot, all the deity were in a meeting. Seeing the priest they asked him for the purpose of visiting the place again and when the priest explained, the deity threw the pot and told the priest to worship there where it falls .Since then it is being worshiped here.

Prior to the day of Sulia Jatra,  the worshiping of deity is held at the mountain top in dead night around 2/3am in naked body by tribals known as NishiPuja by the  tribal priest,who is be accompanied by two others tribals also,Says Bisi further
Every year hundreds of animals’ hen, pigeon, goat ,sheep and buffalo are killed in the Sulia Jatras by the tribals. Other non tribals also offer animals as their “ wishes” were fulfilled due to Sulia Budha blessings

Besides Khairguda,(popularly known as Badkhala,in fiveothers places  namely,Kumria, Chantipali of Gudvella block, Mirdhapali in loisingha block ,Kharlikani and Barpudgia on Bolangir block would also be observed,

 However the rationalist decries the animal killings at Sulia and they demanded a stop to the killingof animals .Unfortunately the voice of rationalist opposing animal sacrifices remain dormant/inactive  in last  few years.

We are observing our festivals and following our traditional rituals. Animal killings have been going on in this place inside the forest once in a year since, more than hundred years ago. Why others would interfere in the tribal rights and customs ask  Secretary of Zilla AdivasiKalyanSangha sri Niranjan Bisi
 A preparatory meeting would be held soon.Bisi says further.

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