Thursday, November 12, 2015

Birds are the worst victim of noise pollution on Dipawali. Will anybody save them from noise and atmospheric pollution?

Birds trying escape  from the effect ofSound ofburstingofcrackers onDipawali day 
12th November2015
Birds are the worst victim of noise pollution on Dipawali.
Will anybody save them from noise and atmospheric pollution?  
Bolangir ;Dipawali the festival of light was observed with pomp and gaiety across the India and even  in abroad on 11th November2015(Wednesday). On this day crackers were burst besides lightening the lamp. As the crackers, burst children/people  rejoice and  shot their  ears to prevent from any effect of noise.
When a human being is inured ,he is immediately rushed to a hospital given treatment. A total of 62 burn injuries were reported in the evening at Bolangir District headquarter hospital  on Dipawali evening  who were discharged after their burn treatment
 However, amidst this rejoice, the worst affected in this activity are the birds. Birds who are one of the most silent and beautiful creature of nature, maintains ecological balance eating harmful pest, and one of the most effective player in regeneration of plant, forest in natural ways are  the worst  sufferer of the noise and atmospheric pollution.
Every time a cracker is burst they(birds) try to flew away from their nest to escape from the effect I do not know how much birds were affected and to what extentin this process onDipawali day.
Already a large number of birds are becoming extinct from our society due to ecological imbalance, loss of habitat, rising temperature and radiation from cell phone tower .
I tried to capture some moments of birds trying to escape from the effect of sound by flowing away from, my mobile in a busy location.( some sound disturbance is coming from behind) on Dipawali evening( around4.45pm).The  harmful   sound effect on night ofDipawali dueto bursting of crackers, needless to say “ is excess and never calculated  by anybody and nor steps are  to prevent them .
It would be pertinent to mention that, a bird rises in the early morning searches for food and returns to her nest at the sun goes down in the west(Sunset) and she takes rest till the next morning.
We(the Individual ) has every right to take part in any activity and enjoy but  i think do not think human being has right to  affect the life of birds

As the crackers burst children rejoice and we shot our ears to prevent from any effect of noise .But who will protect the birds from Injuries, damages caused by sound pollution ; Who will take care of these birds suffering from sound pollution on Dipawali evening and night. =============================================

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