Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Defunct ceiling Fan and X ray department.SudhirMishra/Bolangir 5th January2014

SudhirMishra/Bolangir 5th January2014
Defunct ceiling Fan and X ray department.
For a ordinary reader /person there seems to be no connection between a ceiling fan and X-ray department.
But for non functional of ceiling fan inside the X ray room, is resulting in delay in getting X-ray photographs.
At least two ceiling fans should function properly one inside the dark room where the plates are dried and another above the x ray table. More over the sitting space/waiting room for patients is also without any such facilities.
Although the X –ray was done quickly, but it took a lot of time in drying as the a miniature fan inside the dark room was unable to dry the plate quickly as it was giving less air –
We have informed it to authority but no action has been taken in this regard
Interestingly around 10 AM there were only two doctors in the outdoor resulting in long queue of patients seen today(.
When this matter was drawn to CDMO, Dr Vikrant Kindo after givingcall to his mobile three times, CDMO DrKindo responded to call and when informed about the defunct  functioning of ceiling fan and its impact, I would look into the matter- Let us see, when he takes action.

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