Friday, June 10, 2011

Police flag march with a difference at Balangir

Police flag march with a difference at Balangir
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Police flag march with a difference at Balangir
June 10, 2011 2:10:57 PM

PNS | Balangir

The Balangir police on Thursday conducted a different kind of flag march in the town to thank the public for their cooperation in completing the celebrations of the mega festival of marriage of Goddess Parvarti with Lord Mahadev, popularly known as the Sital Sashti, peacefully.

This year, the Sital Sashti festival was observed with pomp and gaiety in seven localities of the town, including Gandhinagar, BBSS, ABSS, Brahmanpara and Tikrapada. On Wednesday, the deities returned to their respective homes after the divine wedding. The Baart and the deities’ homecoming were accompanied by performing singers and dancers.

This year, however, there was a remarkable decline in vulgar dances as they were restricted by the authorities after the police had convened a meeting of the Puja organisers and urged them to refrain from sponsoring offensive dances.

The police flag march was also aimed at impressing upon the people not to take law and order into their own hands and rather report any matter of dispute to the police.

Besides, the police also urged the people to follow traffic rules so that the chaotic traffic in the town is streamlined.

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